Say it again: March-April 2006


sayitagain.jpgA review of my favorite posts from March and April …

(Plus highlights of my other blog, Wade on Birmingham.)


My name is Roy | Moore has a list, and he won’t rest until it’s fulfilled

You know the kind of guy who does nothing but tries to uphold the law and then wonders why life sucks. Well, that was me. Every time a good ruling came to me, something bad was waiting right around the corner. Sin.

World Sudoku tour | dreaming of going pro in the numbers game

Boggle may be over in three minutes, but a tricky puzzle can nag at you for hours. (I had one puzzle I couldn’t crack for weeks, but I never gave up on it, or me. Except, I gave up on me long ago.) I always return. I am a completist.

Outside looking in | being an outsider for life

I’m quiet with strangers, chatty with friends. I value my privacy, but shed it to work harder on my writing skills.

And I keep people at arm’s length.

What’s not to love?

Little brown boxes | moving a friend can go smoothly, but doesn’t

On a bad move, I will throw your shit out the window just to see if I can hit the truck from here. I will pocket whatever is worth swiping or the one thing you can’t live without: “Your insulin? Haven’t seen it.”

34 rules for writing | methods behind the madness of writing daily

A real writer is original.

A real writer is shameless.

A real writer believes in his message.

Cover of night | a scene about getting ready to say goodbye

An emotional whirlwind blows through her heavy heart. Tomorrow’s the day. No, it’s today already. Today’s the day.

She’ll leave, and that’ll be it. No looking back.

Conversational shortcuts and comics | a scene about the funny pages

“Just pass me the comics.”

“Here’s what happened in comics: Panel, panel, panel, punchline.”

“Wait! Don’t spoil it!”

Incident at Aisle 2 | a scene about escaping the checkout line

“Would you like to save 5 percent on your next purchase?”

“Next purchase? I’d like to get done with this purchase.”

Burning questions | I want to know

What is happiness?

Are people good?

Have I learned nothing?

For the cause | why I give, and why you should, too

But charity work is about need. I need others, I depend on others. For me personally, that can be an uncomfortable thing, to be interdependent. I value my independence, my rogue ways.

Dorothy Parker was a turd | my wicked sense of humor remains under cover

My brash tongue is made from the devil’s middle finger. It burns with the misanthropic rage of society’s dregs.


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