I’m hanging up now




“Nothing. What about you?

“Can’t, gotta stay late tonight. Yes, I miss you, too.

“No, don’t wait. Go ahead and eat. I’ll grab something out of the machine.

“I know but I’m starving.

“Don’t worry so much. You sound like my mom.

“OK, OK. You’re nothing like my mom. Didn’t mean to go there …

“Really, it was an accident. My mom’s way sexier than you.

“Hello? hello?

“I’m just teasing you. I only tease the ones I like. And you.

“Yes, indeedy, moving on.

“No, I thought you paid it.

“I’ll make a deposit at the bank tomorrow, and then mail the bill.

“It won’t be late. I’ll make sure to do it at lunch.

“I swear I won’t forget.

“No. Why?

“When? Do I have to wear suit and tie?

“Will Aunt Whatsherface be there?

“She totally hates me. For no reason.

“Oh yeah, that. But I thought it was a trash can.

“Anyone would’ve thought it was a trash can.

“I’ll be nice to her. Even if it kills me.

“It might. It might kill me. Or mortally wound me. She’s a tough bitch.

“Yeah, but I fight dirty.

“So much pressure these gatherings. Are you sure I can’t be down with the mumps?

“Bird flu?

“Cancerous ovaries?

“You and your anatomical correctness. I will not stand for it.

“Dunno. Probably by 7:30. Eight at the latest.

“Promise. And I’ll bring home a treat.

“No, it’s a surprise.

“A surrrrr-priiiiiiise. As in, not to be disclosed ahead of time.

“No, no hints. One hint leads to another. Be patient, my sweet.

“I swear you’ll like it. Now I gotta go.

“No, it’s not a pony. That’s the only hint you’re getting.

“I’m hanging up now.

“Love you, too.”


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