Useful Rumored Links


Sometimes, the best Web sites are the simplest ones. The one that’s about to lose its usefulness for a few months is Simply put, one visit tells you if Wednesday’s episode of “Lost” is a repeat with either a “Yes” or a “No” displayed.


piechart.jpgAnother site answers the question, “When is ‘Law & Order’ on?” But its URL is the clumsily concocted But visitors are treated to a list by day and channel of the next episode of any flavor “Law & Order.”

Which got me thinking. What simple Web sites with easy-to-remember addresses are still needed for Internet 3.0?

  • Are My Shoes
    Yes … No … You’re wearing flip-flops … You have no feet
  • How Drunk Am
    Still able to drive … Pretty plastered … Ready to call your ex even if it’s 3 a.m.
  • What’s Happening at
    Bitch stole your parking space (again) … Coffee hasn’t been made … Boss is on the warpath … You’re surfing What’s Happening at
  • Paper or
    Paper … Plastic … Surprise me
  • What Happened Last
    You don’t want to know … You really don’t want to know … Please disinfect the keyboard and mouse now
  • Where Are My
    Have you checked the dresser? … Locked in the car …
  • Hot Enough For
    Sure is … Could be worse … Can’t talk, heatstroke
  • Do I Like Indian
    Maybe … Not the really spicy kind … Gag
  • What’s the Parking
    All full … Bitch just took your spot … Faster to walk from home
  • Is the Iron
    No … Obsessive-compulsive much? … The iron’s off, but the flamethrower is on
  • How’s My
    Minty … Inoffensive … You like Indian food
  • What’s My Mother Going to
    I raised you better than that … No one likes a fatty … I was in labor for 18 hours for this?!
  • Buy or
    Buy! … Sell! … Yahtzee!
  • What’s for
    Cereal, no milk … frozen peas … vending machine roulette … chicken processed within an inch of its life
  • What’s Making Me So
    Neighbor’s kids … The office snitch … Bloating … Quit drinking three hours ago
  • How’s My
    Solvent enough … Time for another credit card … Hock your spleen
  • Did You Get My
    Too busy Googling brands of pantyhose … Yes, did you get my bitterly worded response? … I can’t read
  • Binge or
    Binge! … Purge! … Both! … Adopt a balanced diet, along with regular exercise and sleep!
  • Is He or She Thinking of
    Yes, how to dump you … As far as you know … Thinking of you naked
  • What Should I Do With My
    Follow your dream … Stay the course … Join a cult … Feel free to jump in at any time, loser

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