Say it again: May 2006


sayitagain.jpgA review of my favorite posts from May …

(Plus highlights of my other blog, Wade on Birmingham.)


Conversations with God | are you there, God, it’s me, Margaret Wade?

I’m not even sure I believe in you. You exist, but my faith or lack thereof is a completely separate issue.

But unlike people, when I talk, you don’t talk back. You listen.

Remote possibilities | my season finale precaps

Many of my friends have weaned themselves from their video teat but would still like to remain plugged into the hip happenings of sweeps month. As a public service, I shall summarize the season finales of your favorite TV shows.

Art minus the artist | why art matters more than the jerk who created it

If my favorite artist ate a live baby tomorrow, I’d still enjoy his work. I can separate creator from creation easily.

I took this acting class in college | how did I end up on the Sci Fi Channel? acting!

After coating (fake blood) on our faces and necks, we stumbled around inside a gazebo at night, being filmed from various angles. No one seemed to care that weirdos covered in blood were shooting some sort of devil video in their park.

Dear graduates 2006 | the children are our future — run!

Remember this day, not as the end of learning but the start of living. The world is way bigger than MySpace, though not nearly as trampy.

Illusion of privacy | it’s unrealistic to be left alone, isn’t it?

Privacy is too important to be entrusted to the powers that be. Only the people can decide for themselves how personal is too personal.

To teach his own | everyone is a teacher at some point in life

When we teach others, the most important quality is patience. I’ve been in situations where I felt completely stupid because I wasn’t getting it. Maybe it was the teacher’s fault, maybe it was mine. But I remember how inadequate I felt and try not to punish my students.

The 30-year-old margin | a classmate’s shocking reunion

“Hi, are you Wade?”


“We went to first grade together.”

Best opening lines ever.

Dixie delight | the last time the Dixie Chicks came here, I nearly went deaf — totally worth it

These were some fans. It didn’t matter about the controversy, the protests, the cold shoulder from the industry. For us, it was a privilege to see them perform live in the hometown. I certainly didn’t care about their politics, though I did admire their tenacity in times of adversity.

The lonely life of journalists | introverts trapped in an extroverted field

Journalists are supposed to be objective. Maybe the public doesn’t buy that any more, but I still hold it as a standard.

We cover the news, even when it happens at inconvenient times in inconvenient places.

Conversational shortcuts and movies | musings at the multiplex

“Arrgh, I’ve seen this trailer 10 times already.”

“And you’re going to keep seeing it until you go.”

“In a world where dreams come alive, one man dies a slow miserable death from marketing.”

Dreamworld | a nightmare come true: losing the ability to escape into fantasy

When I’m cursing the computer for crashing for the 10th time in a row, I take a deep breath and picture myself … stuck in front of an uncooperative frozen laptop. Why hast thou forsaken me, dreamworld?

Rejection slip | you reject me? no, sir, I reject you — I wish

I’m a mess. Job interviews, failed relationships, even simple social interaction — putting myself out there means potential, even likely, rejection.

I’m no better or worse than the next guy. And in case you’re looking for that “pick yourself up and dust yourself off” inspirational message, take a hike. It ain’t happening.

And the final update on my fund-raising efforts for Big Brothers Big Sisters, with new photos from this year’s Bowl for Kids Sake.


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