The break-up


Posted in a bulletin earlier today …

I didn’t mean for it to come to this, but I think it’s for the best. We’ve had some laughs, some IMs, some fun comment trades.

But let’s face it – it was never gonna last. You’re into memes; I’m into videos. You like animated morphing icons; I like glittery signs.

We’re just too different.

Let’s just be MySpace friends.

hand.jpgI still remember the first time you messaged me, with that cute semicolon wink and that come-hither pic. I left you that romantic comment, “Yo, thanks for the add, sexy thang!!!!!!”

I’ve never felt that way about someone, and I’m afraid I never will again. Of my 427 MySpace friends, you’ll always be in my Top 8.

I think we’ve drifted apart, just going through the motions lately. Remember when you’d find some wild site that generates your Secret Service code name, or a looooonnnng questionnaire about your last job / vacation / surgery / pet / meal. You’d post a comment that instant, so excited, so full of life.

And we’d spend hours watching YouTube videos together, like the kid who dances like a puppet on crack, or the one with the car that looks like it’s driving underwater. Good times.

Lately, I feel like, I dunno, you’re into other movies, music, television, books and groups. I thought I knew you after these three weeks together, but maybe not. It’s cool, though.

But then you changed your profile song. Our song. That Nick Lachey song was more than the way I felt about you – it was like a metaphor for love and life and being connected. It totally rocked.

That’s when I knew. Maybe you didn’t have the heart to say it, but you knew deep down. I don’t blame you, or me.

Even when others commented on how we wouldn’t last, I knew we’d prove them wrong. I even wrote in my MySpace blog: “I know we’ll prove them wrong.” It got 7 kudos and no comments, so that shows I wasn’t making it all up.

Who am I kidding? That a boy from Boringtown and a girl from *hottsylvania* could make it work. Sorry it had to end this way, but no harm no foul, right?

Keep the photo montages, I want you to have them, to remember me by. And I’ll think of you as “Online Now,” even when you aren’t.

Don’t block me, babe, because I want to be in your extended network for as long as I have this screen name and layout.

You’re a special girl, and I had fun witcha. Hold on to the good times, and don’t let the bastards get you down and all that. I’ll holla soon, when I’m ready. Wooooooo! Wooooooo.

We’ll always have Tom.

~~ Copy this bulletin seven times for luck! IT WORKS!!


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