34 rules for failure


aspirin.jpgDon’t listen.

Keep changing goals.

Communicate poorly.

Don’t plan.

Have a bad plan. Then stick to it no matter what.

Be inflexible.

Be indecisive.


Don’t delegate.

Give up.

Live in fear of failure.

Overthink it.

Stop learning.

Repeat losing strategies.

Ignore feedback.

Trust no one.

Resign yourself to failure.

Look for scapegoats.

Shirk responsibility.

Copy others.

Take the easy way out.

Never try.

Bully others.

Feign superiority.

Act recklessly.

Don’t stand up for yourself.

Slide by.

Abandon all hope.

Kill joy.

Be ungrateful.

Show no mercy.

Talk more.

Feel nothing.

Embrace the status quo.


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