Say it again: June 2006


sayitagain.jpgA review of my favorite posts from June …

(Plus highlights of my other blog, Wade on Birmingham.)


The break-up | breaking up is easy to do

We’re just too different. Let’s just be MySpace friends.

Mediocrity is the watchword | feeling so-so? enh …

Why excel now? Everyday life is teeming with the mediocre, from the service you get at a restaurant to the politicians who want your vote.

A wedding toast | I’m also available for bar mitzvahs and retirement parties

Getting married is easy — building a life together, not so much. But it is not without its charms: trips to the lake, lazy Sundays, morning jostles in the bathroom, sweet nothings at bedtime. They will have time enough to bicker and worry and cry and stare at each other in utter disbelief. I can’t believe I married this person. For life.

Believe it.

Embrace it.

Song of Katrina | a pop song becomes a cause for rebuilding the Gulf Coast

What can one song do, anyway?

“In the Sun” gave me more than a renewed excitement in music. It gave me hope.

Radio: cauldron of suck | why I hate the FM, the AM and all in-between

Birmingham has killed many a noble station that has strayed too far from the mainstream. It starts out with a fresh sound, not a copycat of other formats. It builds a big following, then gets raped by its corporate master. A program director is replaced, DJs are laid off, and soon it sounds like the other 17 stations.

These are the Jennifers I know | a common name makes for an uncommon conundrum

These are the Jennifers I know. Some of them are Jens, one is Jenny. They come from different moms.

Time enough at last | you make time for priorities

I almost never believe people who say they don’t have time, especially when they’re saying it about spending time with me. We all have the same 24 hours in day.

I’ve seen the busiest people make time for their priorities, whether it’s family, friends, “me time” whatever. And I’ve seen people with all the time in the world squander day after day into nothingness.

Do I make you proud | inspiration comes from a high school yearbook signature

K. is an old friend from high school. She doesn’t likely remember what she wrote in my high school yearbook, but her eloquent words are some of the most inspiring I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

Picky picky | only the best for me, thank you

The wife I marry should be career-oriented, with a hankering for family. She should be smart, but not overtly brainy. Height should be 5-foot-5 to 6-foot-0. Fit, but not bony. B cup or C cup, but no D cups (those are for strippers).

Conversational shortcuts and moms | mother’s just half a word …

“It’s your mother.”

“Yes, I know, Mom.”

“Are you coming over soon?”

“Not until Saturday.”

“Not today?”

“Not until Saturday.”

“OK, if you say so.”



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