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What’s your problem? No, really, what’s your problem?

Here’s mine: Any idiot can point fingers, and many idiots can define a problem, but so few will offer solutions.

Pet peeve No. 276.

Don’t know why it bugs me, but it really does.

That’s not to say that tough problems all have easy answers. Often, lazy minds will come up with a simplistic solution that makes the problem worse.

And sometimes, people offer solutions without considering alternatives. They’re locked into traditional ways of thinking. Unfortunately, “thinking outside of the box” has lost all meaning in its overuse.

I have a low tolerance for whiners and complainers. I’m surprised at how society coddles those who do nothing but moan without lifting a finger to set things right.

Problem solving comes naturally to me. Maybe I’m good at it, maybe I’m OK. But I love working on them.

I like taking a complex problem and breaking it down into manageable chunks. I like figuring out the root causes. I like hearing other people weigh in, sharing their perspectives and their suggestions.

And I like getting down to working on the solution.

I don’t like ignoring the problem because it’s easier. I don’t like endless bitch sessions which pin the blame correctly or incorrectly on someone. I don’t like brainstorming when the goal is to shoot down suggestions as they come up.

I don’t like to fail, but I don’t mind failing, because it’s a good teacher.

A former colleague quoted her pastor: “If someone says something should be done about a problem, that’s the someone who should be doing something.”

It didn’t always work out that way, but it’s a pretty good solution to my ongoing problem.


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