Katrina the heartbreaker


Katrina took a swipe at a city I love, a coastline I visit more than the rest.

It breaks my heart to this day.


My melancholy comes from steamy days and gentle nights strolling along the old streets of the Quarter. Of happier times and carefree moments spent trolling the New Orleans neighborhoods for jazz.

Those parts of the city still exist if not thrive. But those who made it a home are long gone, their houses flooded, rotted, smashed.

I cannot help but weep.

It didn’t have to be this way.

I wonder if I could ever get over being chased from my home, my hometown. I wonder if having no one to turn to would completely break my spirit.

But pity won’t rebuild houses.

I plan to go back this fall, to help in any way I can. It’s only a week, but I must give back to a place that has already given me the joy of celebration.

A year ago, Hurricane Katrina took a swipe at a friend. And when my friend hurts, I hurt.


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