Goodbye, summer


summer2006.jpgI don’t do favorites. Favorite books, favorite bands, favorite colors, foods, shops, cars, etc.

Or seasons, for that matter. But I do love summer.

And now that it’s over, I’m a little sad.

It was brutally hot, even for me. And yet, friends insisted on eating outside. Not cool.

We made it to a few movies, but it was a weak crop overall with few standouts. Just going becomes an ordeal of sitting through 20 minutes of trailers.

And at the first midnight showing of “Talladega Nights,” we were treated to the end of “Clerks 2.” In 10 minutes, we saw the ending and the surprises in the credits at no extra charge.

You tell me if that’s a good thing.

I got a job. Actually, I got several jobs, if you count freelance. I wrote a lot on my own, and even redesigned my city blog.

I didn’t go to the beach, or even get out of town, not counting one trip for work. I signed up for online dating, and with hundreds of matches, exactly one has been in Alabama. The rest have been scattered across North America.

I came down with some weird 24-hour fever that just about knocked me off my feet. And a couple of weeks later, I nearly fainted — but was fine 15 minutes later.

Filling my need for gadgets, I bought a headset for my phone, which now gives me something else to fumble with as a call comes in. It’s light, it flashes, and has yet to drive people nuts.

I went to part of a baseball game, a few parties and helped one friend move. I didn’t wash my car, more out of civic duty than laziness. A drought’s a drought.

I made mojitos and pork and green beans and pound cake. All turned out pretty good.

I didn’t write any letters, but did crank out a few e-mails. I lost weight, which wasn’t planned and isn’t good. But I’ll get it back.

I’m looking forward to fall, though it probably won’t be cool. It will be busy, college football will be on. And I’ll be ready for the march to the dead of winter.


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