Supermarket sweep


Damn you, Publix.

I don’t know what it is, but each time, I promise myself I’m going to run in, pick up one thing and get out.

This is a lie.

shoppinglist.jpg You are condemning me to a life of pantries filled with nonperishable sale items, and grocery bills that triple the moment I walk in, and extra plastic and paper bags.

This is truly sad.

I didn’t have this problem when I shopped at the other supermarkets. I could hold my trips to almost once a month. No need to stock up more often than that. Go in with my list, hit the right aisles and be done in an hour.

Since you came to my neighborhood, you’ve called to me at all hours. I am a weak, weak man.

I naively thought I would be better off. With such a friendly, well-stocked new store so close, I could come and go as needed. No worries about long commutes or running out of staples.

Instead, it’s a nightmare of food plundering and supermarket stalking.

I trusted you. Now, my once robust life has degenerated in to an orgy of eating and consumption. I no longer care if I saved $5.44 on my purchases; I just need my fix, man.

Damn you. Damn you to grocery hell.


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