It’s who I am


After a heart-to-heart conversation with a colleague this afternoon, I realized some things about myself.

Things worth sharing.

  1. I’ve grown much more comfortable in my own skin during the past few years. Much more so over the last 12 months.
  2. But I still have my doubts and insecurities.
  3. I’m a straight shooter, sometimes to the chagrin of others.
  4. I am deadpan.
  5. I like telling you what to do more than you telling me what to do.
  6. I exude confidence, though it can appear to others as cockiness or arrogance. This is not the case.
  7. I open up after a while. It’s usually worth it.
  8. I have made peace with my nerdiness.
  9. I speak the language of machines.
  10. I appear to be paradoxical in words and actions. This can seem like hypocrisy (which I abhor), yet usually makes perfect sense to me.
  11. I value my privacy, believe it or not.
  12. I am an exceptional liar. But I rarely use this skill.
  13. I can sense your particular weakness, but usually let it be.
  14. I’m OK with being the odd man out. This is not an easy path, but the right one for me.
  15. I have chronic copy editor’s syndrome. I can spot typos in seconds, sometimes faster.
  16. I am not what people expect. I still don’t know why that is.
  17. I have an accent, but not a Korean one.
  18. I love the South.
  19. I can be very, very cold.
  20. I’m good under pressure. I’m also good not under pressure.
  21. I procrastinate. A lot.
  22. I’m becoming a pretty good storyteller. But not always on demand, kinda like trying to tell a joke on command.
  23. I have lots of opinions.
  24. I don’t usually care about what others think of me. Except when I do.
  25. I use humor as both a defense mechanism (less so these days) and a way to bond.
  26. I make lists.
  27. I’m organized.
  28. I’m a tinkerer, often with me.
  29. I’m not exceptionally chatty, except with people I know.
  30. I am working hard on incorporating your name into conversation.
  31. I can be diplomatic.
  32. I can deflect your question.
  33. I like helping others. And I like teaching others.
  34. I still like learning, either from others or on my own.
  35. I don’t read enough.
  36. I don’t exercise enough, but I do try to take care of myself.
  37. I have particular rants about various practices, celebrities, restaurants and odds and ends.
  38. I drink if at all possible, but not that much.
  39. I like recognition.
  40. I have more of these insights, but I’m going to bed.
  41. (I’m thankful for your indulgence.)

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