Say it again: August 2006


sayitagain.jpgA review of my favorite posts from August …

(Plus highlights of my other blog, Wade on Birmingham.)


Post-Herald X | (what would’ve been) my 10th anniversary at my hometown paper

To this day, I still have people come up to me and say, “I love your stuff in the Post-Herald. How are things at the paper these days?”

Um-m-m … (awkward pause)

The end of Internet 1.0 | blogging killed the Internet star

Although the blogosphere has grown at a tremendous rate, we have been unable to keep up with demand. We shall begin shutting down existing blogs next week. Those blogs that have not been updated in the past 12 months will be deleted first, continuing through blogs updated more frequently.

Call it a comeback | my new job

I made blogging pay. How sweet is that?

The lost art of e-mail writing | getting back to cyberbasics

You are ready, noble scribe, to e-mail.

“Dearest Crazy Bitch,” you declare, “What is up? Same shit, different day, like always. You know me, I likes my hooch and me hoochies. (laughing out loud)”

What didn’t get done | a whole lotta nothing got done by me

Because you the taxpayer footed the bill for my early retirement, you are entitled to an audit of my time spent in exile. You will be appalled at how your hard-earned money was squandered during my time off.

Snakes on a Macarena | “Snakes on a Plane” tanked, but what about “Snakes on Grey’s Anatomy”?

The list of things that could be improved with snakes and/or Sam Jackson is virtually endless: “Big Brother All-Stars,” Wimbledon, the U.S. Open (tennis or golf), potluck suppers, Ziggy, sudoku and most book clubs.

Retail runaround | why I hate shopping

Your shopping trip equals my misery. It doesn’t even matter if we’re shopping for me, or we’re in a store I like. I read someone describe her time working retail thusly: “I quickly found that there was nothing gratifying about helping people spend money, and I wanted to do something that would really help people.”

Overheard in the men’s room | it ain’t bonding and bitchiness

“Didja see the game?”

(Didja see that we’re two strangers standing in the men’s room talking when we shouldn’t be?) “No.”

“Christ, what a second half. It was amazing. Shoulda seen it.”

(Please please stop talking to me.) “Yeah.”

Memories of her or her | an amnesiac catalogs his ex-girlfriends by quirks

A couple were crazy about their cats. A couple were crazy about their dogs.

Many were unhappy with their jobs. A couple were really raking it in.

Two or three freaked out my friends, but not all of them, and not all the same ones. Girl A might freak out one friend, but Girl B would freak out a different one.

Four left town during or after the relationship. One left the country. Three came back to town eventually.

Katrina the heartbreaker | New Orleans then and now

A year ago, Hurricane Katrina took a swipe at a friend. And when my friend hurts, I hurt.

Interplanet Janet, she’s a flabbergasted girl | Pluto, requiem for a planet

We learned the solar system in grade school. Later on, we learned that Neptune, sometimes, was the farthest planet from the sun.

Now, Pluto’s not even a planet. What’s this galaxy coming to?


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