62 days


Only a couple of months left in 2006, and still so much to do. Such as …


Paint the living room.

Paint the bedroom.

Clean up the office.

Resume workouts.

Host one more dinner party.

Finish Christmas shopping.

Start on Christmas cards.

Travel to three more states and one more continent.

Vote, dammit.

Get new glasses.

Get new mouthguard.

Give blood one more time.


Read a couple more books.

Practice Japanese phrases.

Buy wedding gifts.

And a birthday gift.

And deliver a couple of baby gifts.

Hit a few holiday parties.

Worm my way back onto the dating site.

Continue writing.

Recheck my retirement account.

Clean the gutters.

Rake the yard a few times.

Go out to lunch about 10 more times.

Read a pile of magazines.

Watch sweeps.

Shop for luggage.

See “Superman Returns” in IMAX (but not 3D because then I’d have to drive a couple hundred miles).

Rotate the tires.

Buy tax software.

Bake for the office.

Hide from trick-or-treaters.

Figure out what I’ll have to put off until 2007.


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