No more drama


As a no-nonsense guy, the one thing I tolerate poorly in my life is drama. I structure my activities, my schedule and my social circle to keep unnecessary turmoil away from me.

You would think it would be difficult to keep troublesome people, even longtime friends and acquaintances, out of the picture.

And you would be wrong.

I don’t pretend to understand why grownups can be incredibly immature, or act in self-centered ways. The world is a bitch, and so are the people in it.

Not all, but enough.

I’m coming at things from a mature perspective. Starting out in college, most of my fellow freshmen living on my floor thought I was a sophomore (or older).

I avoid conflict if possible, but will tell you straight out if I have a problem with you. I don’t pass the buck, I don’t make up excuses or lies.

That’s not to say I’m blunt, or go out of my way to get in people’s faces. That would be creating drama, and if anything, I’m low key.

I tend to forget just how much I abhor chaos until my life becomes unbalanced. Setting right the delicate pieces of my carefully ordered universe is a chore. Second chances from me are few and far between.

So every few years, I feel things falling part. Being a problem solver, I look for immediate fixes. That’s a challenge when the problems are more complex, requiring something far beyond simple solutions.

I usually bite my tongue, and it’s full of bruises. I withdraw. I circle the wagons.

When people don’t have their shit together, it annoys me. It could be immaturity, insecurity, fear or stupidity. I don’t care.

Get away from me, and if possible, out of my life.

You won’t be missed.


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