Say it again: October 2006



A review of my favorite posts from October …

(Plus highlights of my other blog, Wade on Birmingham.)


Just listen | the virtues of keeping your mouth shut

You’re too quiet, people often tell me. It’s usually at an inappropriate time, in a group setting, inadvertently designed for maximum embarrassment.

I’m not too quiet. You’re too talkative.

This blogger’s life | how to write 365 days a year

Some nights, I’ll reach deep down and pull out a mood, or an event, or a memory and run with it.

The poems are about as close to stream of consciousness as I get. The rest is the joy/drudgery of writing.

The heart of Saturday night | loneliness becomes me

I’ve been blue lately, and worse yet, I haven’t been able to connect with my small, tight circle of friends.

The loneliness is getting to me.

Stopping in for a few things | encounter at a supermarket

I hadn’t seen K. since summertime on the downtown streets. I’ve been worried about her, since her cancer has come back and forced her into more chemotherapy.

She appeared unflappable, or at least, reticent to discuss the intimate details of her bodily malfunctions. Which made two of us.

No more drama | my ordered life in the midst of disorder

I tend to forget just how much I abhor chaos until my life becomes unbalanced. Setting right the delicate pieces of my carefully ordered universe is a chore. Second chances from me are few and far between.

So every few years, I feel things falling part.

Never look a gift card in the mouth | no good gift idea goes unpunished

I called the Sprint national hot line. The operator had no idea if her company sold them, and had to check.

Did I mention I was trying to give these idiot cell phone company people $50?


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