Lonely among us


I stopped by the office today to pick up a printout I forgot last week. Yeah, kinda sad, being Christmas Eve and all.

But I’m used to odd hours and coming and goings.

Still, during my brief visit, I spotted a colleague working away.

Now that made my heart ache.


I should point out that our employer is no Scrooge. We have all of next week off, though we’ve had to work ahead to make the schedule work.

It’s a Sunday and Christmas Eve. The colleague dutifully working away wasn’t there because she was part of the skeleton crew.

(It’s why I don’t like working on holidays.)

I’d like to point out the difference between two types of solitude: self-imposed and standard. I sometimes enjoy being alone, whether to work or to relax. I can be social or I can be on my own, depending on my mood.

But I do need people, and I seek them out when necessary.

The self-imposed variety hurts no one but the originator. Some folks decided long ago that they are fated to be alone, even if they would choose otherwise.

The holidays tend to exacerbate the loneliness. Sometimes to an unbearable extent.

And maybe I should’ve been the one to step forward and invited her to branch out.

All I can say is to try. Take the plunge each day and hope. Expand your circle just a little bit. Find a way to connect.

Rejection is tough. But self-imposed exile can be tougher.

You don’t have to be alone, Christmas Day or any other day, but you do have to try connecting with others.


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