Two hundred. And one.


I celebrate two milestones today.

One year of writing on

Two hundred posts.

wade-200.jpgThis recent story on the juggernaut known as “The Simpsons” hit a little close to home:

When “The Simpsons” hit its 200th seg in 1998, exec producer David Mirkin opened up the episode’s table read with what he calls a “sick, sick joke.”

“Our 200th episode … halfway there,” he quipped in a weary voice.

The quip cracked up the room — and elicited a few groans.

Now in its unprecedented 18th season, “”The Simpsons”” will celebrate its 400th episode this May.

Of course, I’m fond of sick, sick jokes.

Little wonder that I’ve latched onto one crazy endeavor after another. I created this second site on March 23, 2006, six months after my newspaper was sold and closed. The first site, Wade on Birmingham, allowed me to showcase my hometown every day.

This site, in essence, allows me to showcase me.

The guidelines are simple. Write no more than once a day, as time permits.

Be creative. Be funny. Be true. Be bold.

Be a writer.

And so, the experiment continues. No pause for reflection — I’ve too much to do.

This 200th post serves merely as a chapter marker. Maybe the first 199 entries served as a warmup.

Halfway there? Perhaps halfway crazed. No, completely bats.

Somewhat satisfied with my progress, yet irritated enough to keep pushing forward.

Thanks for stopping by.


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