The dark and the light


As I sit here in my darkened house waiting for the power to come back on, I realize that it ain’t so bad. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, I’d rather be relaxing with the TV on.

Or, at least, not having my groceries from yesterday rotting in the fridge.

But it’s OK. I haven’t written in a while, and I can put Superphone to the test.

iphone 3g

A couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and bought an iPhone, a shiny black one that I’ve jokingly named Superphone. I waited a year for the good folks at Apple to iron our the kinks.

Maybe I should’ve waited longer. After two trips (one for work and one for fun), I’ve quickly come to see the quirks and shortcomings of this $300 phone.

This is only my third cell phone ever, and I’ll admit I’ve overpaid on every last one. A story for another time.

But I am impressed by this small feat. The phone is currently tethered to my laptop, so it can charge and run and let me type and watch a movie for a good long while.

I can continue writing, even without wi-fi or electricity. I have, in fact, simply run out of excuses for writing more.

Outage be damned, it’s brought me and Superphone closer together. Ah, a boy and his cell …

So headaches aside, and you will be hearing about those headaches, I have found a new way to tell some stories, painfully pecked out on this ridiculous keyboard.

Like me, it may not always be pretty. But also like me, it gets the job done.

All in a day’s work for Superphone.


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