Watch With Wade: The Deal with Doogie


As with most music these days, I discovered this lovely gem of a song while watching television, specifically last night’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” It pops up at the end of episode “Benefits,” when Barney all-l-l-most declares his love to Robin (technically, he said it to her about three or four times). 

(You can watch the episode on CBS’ site, but no embedding. Pfft.)

Naturally, I wanted to hear the song in its entirety. Remember when the WB ended most of its shows with “Tonight’s ‘Buffy’ featured music from Spoon, Better Than Ezra, and Jack Johnson”? The net might have been selling music, but it was also providing a useful service.

I turned to Shazam (link opens in iTunes), a free app on my iPhone that does a remarkable job of ID’ing music from short samples. Rewind the TiVo, play the scene, tag the song. Except, as happens, Shazam failed. 

So I Googled the few audible lyrics. Bingo. Someone had already asked and answered it at Yahoo. Now I had a song title, “No More Wishing,” and an artist, Hayley Taylor.

So now I could watch it on YouTube (see above) and stream it on her MySpace page, But still no way to (legally, officially) purchase and download the song.

There was the This (the episodic inspiration) and the That (the song not yet released for consumption). But how to combine the This and the That? And yes, I’m mixing in a “Seinfeld” reference, because “How I Met Your Mother” rehashed an 18-year-old  “Seinfeld” ep called “The Deal,” in which Jerry and Elaine set the ground rules for friends with benefits (Ted and Robin came up with a similar arrangement). See for yourself:

Anyway, Hayley Taylor came through. In an entry on her MySpace blog, she posted the lyrics:

I wanna come clean  
you mean more than you should mean

but I’m willing to be  
the one that you put on a pedestal …

But beyond that, Hayley explained that the song was supposed to be released in time for the airing, but alas alack, not to be. So, to make up for it, she’ll send you the MP3 of “No More Wishing.” For free. Free.

E-mail her today (limited time offer) to get the MP3, thank her profusely, and join her mailing list:

Update: You can now purchase “No More Waiting” directly from Hayley Taylor’s MySpace page for 99 cents.

She sent my MP3 right away, and for that, I’m grateful. With her permission, I’m streaming the song [link to be added shortly], so enjoy. But please e-mail her directly, and buddy up with her on MySpace and Facebook. You can also e-mail her directly at to join her mailing list.

And that’s how I met your mother singer.

• • •

  • Check out Hayley Taylor’s 2006 album, “Waiting,” in iTunes.
  • And look for Hayley’s new album, “One Foot in Front of the Other,” this spring.
  • Fun fact: Hayley lists Birmingham’s John P. Strohm of the Lemonheads as her legal rep.

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