Wade’s daily Twitter log for 2009-02-27

  • Jason Mraz to perform at Schaeffer Crawfish Boil May 1 downtown Bham – Wade on Birmingham EXCLUSIVE: http://is.gd/kX0J #
  • Welcome to all my new Twitter followers (201 and counting), hi to all my FB pals, and screw you to all the spammers. That should cover it. #
  • Black & White now offers PDF version (28MB) of its pub. My only question is … why? http://is.gd/kYbn #
  • Things I will never ask you for: A. kidney. B. bail money. C. to help me move. You’re welcome. #
  • Off to the career counselor. One appointment, very far, then back. Hmm … #
  • Last issue of THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS on Friday : http://is.gd/kZUk (RT via @themediaisdying) [me: not the least bit surprised] #
  • B’ham media updates: Fox 6 layoffs, Social Media lunch from AIGA w/ @sidesways @griner @jeremyflint: http://mediaofbirmingham.com/ #
  • Dinner and relaxation time, before recapping #survivor. #
  • Ah, BK burger shots. The carefree alcoholism of shots with the greasy obesity of burgers, all in one. #
  • Who went home on episode 3 of “Survivor” on @cbs42? Episode: C+. Recap: http://is.gd/l3ku #survivor #

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