Wade’s daily Twitter log for 2009-02-28

  • Oh, latest FB meme, Fake Album Covers, I’m as bored by you as 25 Things. #
  • Off to lunch with Christina at Surin, Mountain Brook. 🙂 #
  • “I don’t want you anymore cause you took my joy, I don’t want you anymore cause you took my joy. You took my joy, I want it back.” #
  • Will Birmingham’s WB21 CW21 (WTTO) or My68 (WABM) fire staff? Layoffs at Sinclair: http://is.gd/l8MS (RT via @themediaisdying) #
  • Birmingham’s Southern Living ed (and former colleague) Scott Jones to judge stylists on Food Network Challenge: http://is.gd/l9CL #
  • Dinner, then Lucinda Williams at the Alabama w/ Tiff!! A great Friday night ahead. Here’s what you’re missing: http://is.gd/lasa #

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