Wade’s daily Twitter log for 2009-03-12

  • Sometimes, when you think people don’t like you, in actuality, they don’t even know you exist. (RT via @michaelianblack @youlookgreat) #
  • Google Voice: 1 phone num: VM transcription, cheap intl rate, all lines in one, etc: http://bit.ly/2kbfFb. (RT via @Pogue) #
  • These words are banned in the New Wade Order: staycation, synergy, mashup, Twitter+___. Your suggestions? #newwadeorder #
  • Adding bandwidth, custom slick w/ graphics, viral marketing, and green to banned words list in New Wade Order. Thanks, all. #
  • Off to Okafes for Wordcamp Birmingham planning (yes, running late). #wpbham09 #
  • How tough is it out there? Even repo men are laying off people, facing tougher deadbeats: http://twurl.nl/3z0rwo #
  • Flight delayed. Child sitting behind me: “Look, Ma, a vomit bag! Will I need it?” Oh dear God. (RT via @erinshawstreet) #
  • Panel: Use Facebook, LinkedIn professionally. New Horizons, 7:45a Fri. I’ll be there. Thanks TechBham. http://bit.ly/DoZZN #
  • Heading back to Okafes for second time today. This time for fun, not work. Then, back to work. #
  • Correction: Gas Money show @workplaybham starts now. Raising $ for Bham bands at South by Southwest. http://bit.ly/8Wgr6 #
  • Watching and recapping #survivor. Had good dinner at Bettola. #
  • Just for the record: Birds don’t collide with planes. It’s the other way around. (RT via @Lbleiberg) #
  • Less is more. Want less stuff. And do more with what you have. This way to fulfillment. #

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