Wade’s daily Twitter log for 2009-03-16

  • BHAM.FM breaks sad news: Cave9 officially closed for good. http://tinyurl.com/copk8h (RT via @bhamdotfm) #
  • Need help with my bracket (otherwise it’s Cornell all the way). Who’s in your Final Four? How sure are you? #ncaa #
  • RIP Ron Silver. http://is.gd/nzrV http://is.gd/nwBQ #
  • For the record: Ron Silver = awesome Timecop villain, Bruno in West Wing, dead. Ron Glass = Firefly, Barney Miller, not dead. #
  • Seattle P-I going online only, but ex-Rocky Mtn News group to launch new site. Can it get 50,000 subs? http://is.gd/nArf #
  • “Tell me why I don’t like Mondays.” Tori Amos ♫ http://twt.fm/5446 #musicmonday #
  • Just confirmed: Doing a UA Future of Journalism panel w/ @dennispillion @chrisrattey 4/15. Will lay off students for fun. #
  • A programming reminder: Tonight on House, DEATH CAT!!! #
  • For those wanting to weigh in (i.e. complain) on the new Facebook layout, 20,000 comments so far: http://is.gd/nCfb #
  • Program note: The Last Frakkin’ Special tonight. 4 days until Galactica finale on SciFi, er Syfy. So say we all. http://is.gd/nCC5 #bsg #
  • More from the In Denver Times news conf. Getting people to pay for content. Good luck with that. http://is.gd/nCSJ #
  • Amy Grant, Chris Thile to play with Alabama Symphony in 2009-10: http://is.gd/nBcU (RT via @aldotcom) #
  • Amusing. I still receive collection letters for some homeowner who lived here 10 years ago. Glad my bill collectors haven’t found me. Yet. #

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