Wade’s daily Twitter log for 2009-03-01

  • At least “DumbHouse” website now acknowledges problem in B’ham area: http://tinyurl.com/dumbhouse #brighthouse (RT via @ericrz) #
  • Despite #brighthouse Internet out, online w/ USBConnect cell modem (aircard).Pro: works anywhere cell signal. Con: $60/mo. http://is.gd/lhob #
  • Internet is back on in Crestwood. Browse away, twitterfriends (now that it’s 1:30 in the a.m. ) #brighthouse (RT via @grammaticaster) #
  • Snowing in Crestwood. #bhamsnow #
  • Bah. In my day, I had to walk home a mile, downhill, from school in zero inches of snow and moderate temperatures. Occasional drizzle. #
  • The good news: Galactica has daycare service. Bad news: checkout security somewhat lax. #bsg #
  • “dada, did u know darth vader is baddest droid of all, he shoots fire out his feet so he can fly?” walter wilson. Idiot. (via @rainnwilson) #
  • Southern Progress Corp. split intern program in two for summer. Fellows=paid. Interns=unpaid. Me=unsurprised. #

[Note: I had the intern program backward: It’s fellows who will be unpaid, interns who will be paid. Also, this is the actual log for March 1, 2009; the previous days’ Twitter logs are off by one day in the titles.]


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