Wade’s daily Twitter log for 2009-03-05

  • see wade and i write | it rocks to do what you love | we love birmingham #haiku (RT via @iloveuab) #
  • Done with Watchmen (the book). Very impressed. Thanks @insomniactive. Book: A-. Ebert gives movie 4 stars: http://is.gd/lQ7F #
  • “Shocking Quilts: We Show You Controversial Patchwork” (I read for the articles) crazy Quilter’s Home: http://is.gd/lWQn #
  • Halfway to my goal of 500 Twitter followers by 3/27. What does it mean? Absolutely nothing. http://twitter.com/WadeOnTweets #
  • The ‘is god great?’ debate at Samford from Tuesday: http://is.gd/lYYl (RT via @grammaticaster) #
  • This makes me sad. I like breakfast. I don’t want to die. http://tinyurl.com/bcy5vg (RT via @atticusrominger) #
  • Got my sandwich, ready to recap #survivor. Tonight’s ep promises to be … ultra-dull. #
  • Shawn Colvin as Rachel Jordan on The Simpsons: “(My band) switched from Christian to regular pop. All you do is switch ‘Jesus’ to ‘baby.’ ” #
  • Tonight’s Survivor recap: Beauty or the beast. Grade: C+. http://is.gd/m1KE #survivor #

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