Wade’s daily Twitter log for 2009-03-05

  • iPhone day: Kindle books http://tumblr.com/x6n1dmu2o; NBC eps/clips http://nbc.com (try it); CBS/CW/Sho http://is.gd/l0RS. #
  • YP Roundtable at @bhamchamber, 3/18 noon. Brian Rushing, Freshwater Land Trust, to speak. Free lunch. Msg me if you want to attend. #
  • Terminator Sarah Connor Chron: video w/ major spoilers for rest of season, yet still makes no sense: http://is.gd/lGcP #
  • A sneak peek at Facebook 3.0: http://is.gd/lO4d #
  • BMG Music Service going away in June. No more “2 CDs free for life” (boo!). To be replaced with $7 CD a month club, http://yourmusic.com #
  • I dreamt I was at a restaurant and couldn’t get a Diet Coke. Now: drinking Diet Coke. (And watching Lost.) #
  • Lost over (a third was like a radio play, no picture). Now to finish Watchmen (the book, not the movie). #

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