Wade’s daily Twitter log for 2009-03-09

  • WATCHMEN. The Emily and James Show. J: Something bothered me. E: Was it all the wang? J: No, but that was some blue balls. #
  • RIP Alabama bluesman Willie King (1943-2009). The world won’t be the same without his crawlin’ blues. (RT via @BhamWeekly) http://is.gd/mz20 #
  • Tweeps, how do you read your Twitter? Big gulps? Nibbles? Comprehensively? Threads? Not at all (except this one)? How frequently? #
  • How you read Twitter: About half say in gulps, half in nibbles. Keep the answers coming: http://is.gd/mAt1 #
  • Some great business card designs… http://bit.ly/vqNG9 (RT via @StaceyHood) #
  • 2009 BSC Writing Today conference canceled (3/13-14). [I called: It’s due to “economic downturn”] (RT via @BhamWeekly) #
  • More on Willie King from @mustbenice (wish her a happy birthday!): (on FB) http://is.gd/mBZC #
  • Dinnertime fodder: Michael Pollan wants your rules for eating well: http://bit.ly/2FtF8 (RT via @willblogforshoe @amandahesser) #
  • My friend Mike @mesh just posted his new iPhone app in iTunes store, Halo 3 weapon/item respawn timer, $2: http://bit.ly/xSw8g #halo-3 #
  • I forgot to pay my credit card bill on time, but I called Bank of America to get finance charge waived. Thanks! Never hurts to ask, folks. #

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