Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-04-19


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday, April 13

  • I’m a big Google Maps fan. Always surprised when I see someone still using MapQuest. Really, why? http://snipr.com/eb7tr #
  • RT Wade on Birmingham humbly presents the Super Spectacular, Awe-Inducing, Milestone-Setting 2,000th Post: http://is.gd/rXRx #
  • Build audience, market, work w/ social media for your blog at our Sat. class. Sign up by Thu. http://birminghamblogging.com #
  • Monday = awesome when spent with @vulcansmuse on a sunny day around town. 🙂 #
  • Looking forward to PBS’ “We Shall Remain” docu-series on Native Americans. Starts 8 tonight on APTV: http://is.gd/sfgd #
  • ACTION SQUIRREL: http://pequrl.com/nbc13/2e1. 1,313 followers in 13 days for @squirrelnbc13hd! Please RT. #squirrel1313 #
  • Taxes due in 52 hours. Not sweating yet. Save me, TurboTax, save me. #
  • Recipe for great Monday: Continental Bakery, O’Henry’s, Vulcan, Carlile’s BBQ, Kelly Ingram Park, Edgewood Creamery, @vulcansmuse. #
  • “Is it still a crime to be content? Do you rein in a smile before it can spread?” Edie Carey ♫ http://is.gd/shPB #

Tuesday, April 14

  • Call for artists’ entries for Sept. Artwalk. Due 5/16. PDF form: http://is.gd/sha7 #
  • Super Squirrel Mix (iTunes): http://is.gd/shrW. 1,313 followers in 13 days for @squirrelnbc13hd! Please RT. #squirrel1313 #
  • Stoicism 101: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs [loved it – worth 10 min.]: http://ping.fm/5zhr0 (RT @tferriss) #
  • Headed to PRSA to hear Peter Shankman @skydiver talk about new art of networking. #
  • Will be on “Future of Journalism” panel Wed at UA for j-students. So, tell me, what is the future of journalism? #
  • Future of journalism, your takes: http://is.gd/sryJ / http://tinyurl.com/cw96j7 #
  • Future of journalism, your takes: good storytelling, flex ways to tell, few in-depth pieces, one person/many roles, niches, integrated ads. #
  • My Alabama Tax Return said my expect the refund 6-8 weeks after the breaking of the seventh seal. (RT @helmsb) #
  • REVIEW: Mastodon tour kickoff @workplaybham, written by @insomniactive: http://is.gd/sst0 (via @SPINmagazine) #
  • FB RT: Katherine Lee hopes the Obamas audited the First Dog’s tax receipts before they let him in the house. #
  • My story, “Charity Made Easy,” in the current issue of @southern_living, shows how to help nonprofits: http://is.gd/stUn #
  • Are we in post-Christian America? Newsweek’s take: http://is.gd/suuj Your thoughts? #
  • “And games that never amount to more than they’re meant will play themselves out.” Edie Carey ♫ http://twt.fm/48392 #

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