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Saturday, April 25, 2009

  • “I don’t know what you do, but you do it well. I’m under your spell.” -Duffy ♫ http://twt.fm/76033 #

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Thursday, April 30

  • Weekend fun: Schaeffer Crawfish Boil w/ Snoop Dogg, Jason Mraz, Katy Perry, All-Amer Rej, downtown Bham: http://is.gd/lvbo #
  • Weekend fun: 30 spots left for #barcampbham. Free T-shirt, free lunch, free prizes, free parties. FREE! http://is.gd/vD0o #
  • Weekend fun: Muse of Fire performs Indian-flavored “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Sloss. http://www.shakespeareatsloss.com #
  • Weekend fun: Gospel Goes Classical at Alys Stephens Ctr, w/ Henry Panion, Kurt Carr, GGC Sym Orchestra: http://is.gd/vDvU #
  • Weekend fun: Southern Slow Food Fair at Jones Valley Urban Farm: BBQ, beer, grits, tour, demos: http://jvuf.org/events.html #
  • At Infomedia in Homewood for Social Media and Business seminar. #
  • Getting a Stellar Coffee milkshake at Mt. Brook Creamery. Yum! #
  • Weekend fun: @bicicoop Grand opening and ride and race Fri night. Support bicycling in Bham! http://is.gd/vGsu #
  • Weekend fun: Free Comic Book Day, Sat., Kingdom Comics (Vestavia), Astrobrain Comics (Pelham). http://is.gd/vGCJ (via @insomniactive) #
  • Weekend fun: Honda Superbike Classic at Barber Motorsports. Motorcycles racin’ at top speed! http://is.gd/vGL9 #
  • Weekend fun: Vulcan Park presents “Anything Is Possible,” how Birmingham came to be, on Sun. http://is.gd/vGMo #
  • Weekend fun: Historic Norwood Home Tour, see a 100-yr-old rebounding neighborhood: http://is.gd/vGOi #
  • Weekend fun: I listed 10 events in Bham. You have no excuses. Get out there and ENJOY YOUR CITY! List: http://is.gd/vH3v #
  • 600 Twitter followers, 600 FB friends. When I get to 666 of each, I won’t need to announce it: Blood will run between the stars. #
  • Lilith Fair 2010 here we come!! (RT @terrymcbride) (I went two consecutive days in ATL w/ @seankelley!) #
  • Watching #Survivor for recap. Still full from milkshake. #
  • For you Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans: Amazon has “Angel” complete series DVDs, $57, today only: http://is.gd/vJFC #
  • Why Being Smart Won’t Get You Laid: http://bit.ly/1481kR (RT @JesseNewhart) (I was too stupid to understand this article!) #
  • NBC now confirms word on Justice Souter stepping down. Speculation that a woman will be named. (h/t @GregMitch) http://is.gd/vKo6 #
  • Tonight’s Survivor recap … Debbie from Auburn, Ala., fights for her life. Episode grade: B. http://is.gd/vLhT #survivor #
  • “And where do we go, who knows? But each day gets better.” -John Legend ♫ http://twt.fm/85982 #

Friday, May 1

  • Please come to BarCampBirmingham Sat., bring donations for food bank drive. See you there! http://is.gd/uXgO #barcampbham #
  • “There were a few pools of blood and dried vomit in the cage.” @BWcitypaper reports on Bham animal control: http://is.gd/vSgc #
  • Closing: Bruno’s (Summit, Inv Corners, Montclair Rd, Hoover, Hwy 150), Food World (Bessemer, Bham, Gdale, McCalla, Moody): http://is.gd/vSq8 #
  • Wade Kwon: the swine flu of status updates. They make you all warm and scratchy on the inside. #
  • gotta love new Orleans — even baby strollers come equipped with a daquiri holder and an ashtray (RT @scottperry) #
  • Remember how Nordstrom said in ’07 it’d take 5 yrs to open Galleria location? Not. Gonna. Happen. http://is.gd/vWeF #
  • Bham (or DFW) freelance writer needed for TX trip 5/11-14 for insurance mkt dept. Travel costs incl. Msg me by 5p CDT. #
  • RT to win 2 tix ($300) to First Light Gala (@flshelter) art auction/dinner 5/9. Drawing: May 5-6. Info: http://tinyurl.com/dcuepd #
  • Dear Fedex: Please teach your drivers to deliver to address on pkg, instead of random drop-offs. Otherwise, Fedex=USPS. #
  • After calls, walked over a block for my misdelivered Fedex pkg. Luckily, neighbor was sis of hs classmate. In other news, it’s already May?! #
  • Squirrel flu will be a raging epidemic. Stock up on peanuts and Wendy’s. http://bit.ly/W4vMY (via @squirrelnbc13hd @bclevlnd) #
  • Heading out for 3 parties: diplomats, cyclists and BarCampers. Whew. #
  • Heading to @bicicoop grand opening party. Want cookies. #
  • At barcamp precamp party at Jim n Nick’s. Got cookies. Need beer. #barcampbham #
  • Party time over. Finish presentation time beginning. Need sleep to enjoy full Saturday. #
  • “I’m gonna serve it to you.” -Oak Ridge Boys ♫ http://twt.fm/87669 (via @scoobyhed “awesomest thing I’ve heard this week”) #

Saturday, May 2

  • Reminder: Please bring food donations today (map http://is.gd/w6Bj), even if not attending BarCamp. #barcampbham #
  • BarCamp started early(!), I’m barely awake, at @beley‘s presentation, Selling Mobile to McDonald’s. #barcampbham #
  • Make sure your site accommodates browsing from cell phone, w/ custom function for that aud (5-10% and growing). #barcampbham #
  • Now presenting “Why Women Will Want Your Blog” upstairs. Hurry up and go! #barcampbham #
  • Sitting in on @saracannon‘s presentation on Web typography, because I love typography. (We’re in front cooler conf rm.) #barcampbham #
  • Good rule of thumb: Body type width on Web page should not be more than 1-2 alphabets wide (26-52 chars). (Amen!) #barcampbham #
  • Enjoying lunch at break room at Innovation Depot. Thanks, sponsors! Great morning! #barcampbham #
  • Sitting in on “Launching a Startup in One Week” by http://bhamcentral.com. #barcampbham #
  • If you have idea, coding skills, time, little $, can launch online startup in a week. Lots of online tools, resources can help. #barcampbham #
  • On deck for my next presentation, “Blog Your Way to Vegas … For Free.” In Training Room at Innovation Depot. #barcampbham #
  • In Ann’s session on weaponizing words in front conf room. #barcampbham #
  • Advertising creative: Have a hook, sell the hole (benefits, vs. shovel), make call to action, and keep it simple. #barcampbham #
  • Demoing Twitter. Please say hello to me. #barcampbham #
  • Like a car crash or bad sex, #barcampbham has come to an abrupt end. At Shift Workspace for early party. #
  • Trying out Silver Coin in Hoover. #
  • Shout out Saturday: Thanks @barcampbham for letting me learn and share. Fantastic day! #shoutoutsat #barcampbham #

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