Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-05-09


Sunday, May 3, 2009

  • Due to inclement weather, my hike has been moved to the Birmingham Museum of Art. #
  • The best kind of tired: Tired from a great weekend of friends, learning, adventure, old pursuits, and new beginnings. #
  • “Somebody said they saw me, swinging the world by the tail.” -Alison Krause and Robert Plant ♫ http://twt.fm/90640 #

Monday, May 4

Tuesday, May 5

  • Kindle and iPod Shuffle duel in Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan: http://tinyurl.com/cwmntl (RT @moryan @Craigatscifi) #startrek #
  • Learn and grow … May classes at Birmingham Blogging Academy: beginners class, Twitter, writing: http://is.gd/wVWX #
  • Actor Dom DeLuise has died: http://is.gd/wVFq (via @MCuthbert @Brad_Strickland) #
  • FREE KFC 2-piece grilled chicken meal (print coupon within 36 hrs): http://unthinkfc.com (RT @jessicavance @publix4pennies) #
  • Top That Tuesday: Write your obit in 140 chars or less. Mine: “He died as he lived: in a hooker’s arms.” #topthattue #
  • RT @chezshaeffer: Top That Tuesday: Write your obit in 140 chars or less. Mine: “She threw really great parties, dammit.” #topthattue #
  • RT @maggiekb1: Twitterfied obituaries on Top That Tuesday. Mine: “She finally found a task she wouldn’t procrastinate on.” #topthattue #
  • RT @insomniactive: Obtwituary: “Preceded by too many, outlived by too many more. So it goes.” #topthattue #
  • RT @VenetianBlond: Evangelism gone wrong: “Devoted wife of 50 years who died in the confident hope of a better life.” #topthattue #
  • Kathryn Tucker Windham signs new memoir, “Spit, Scarey Ann, and Sweat Bees,” 6 tonight, Ala Booksmith: http://is.gd/wZxB #
  • Sidewalk Salon 6 tonight at Rojo: filmmaker grants, new exec dir. Event: http://is.gd/x0f7. Interview: http://is.gd/uVtS #
  • Teaser: June event, I’ll get to moderate social media for biz panel w/ @libbysexton, @ikepigott and @KaraKennedy. Fun! #
  • The Spread of Big and Small Ideas: http://ping.fm/Up4GZ (RT @tferriss) #
  • RT @avidjon: Write your otwituary: Mine: “After a lifetime of disappointments, he finally got laid.” #topthattue #
  • Quickie TV trivia: 2 network shows tonight feature faceless evil corporation. Name the corporations. Hint: both are new shows. #
  • Trivia answer: Massive Dynamic (Fringe) and Veridian Dynamics (Better Off Ted). Fringe renewed, fingers crossed for Ted. #
  • Man in shorts watching Man in Black: ironing while watching 1969 doc “Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music.” #
  • Must-read for startups: You Can’t Please Everyone, 1-star reviews of great classics: http://ping.fm/KjFPH (via @tferriss) #

Wednesday, May 6

Thursday, May 7

Friday, May 8

  • Social media marketing panel w/ @libbysexton @karakennedy @ikepigott at Samford 6/4, 7a(!), free: http://is.gd/xM7J (me? moderator) #
  • Star Trek: awesome, and most importantly, fun. Grade: A. Will go see it again in theater, which is rare for me. #
  • “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” ~Frank A. Clark (RT @Ivuriel) #quote #
  • LAST CHANCE: Register for 5/16 beginners blogging class by 5 today, Birmingham Blogging Academy: http://is.gd/pIKj #
  • RT @Vague_Nomen: Joseph Manning Tutor, 8 lbs, 11 oz. Everyone’s fine. More later … (Congrats!) #
  • Interview with Auburn, Alabama, Survivor contestant Debbie Beebe (on Wade on Birmingham): http://is.gd/xS3Y #survivor #
  • IMAX, the final frontier. “Star Trek” showing in Huntsville in IMAX! http://is.gd/xSKt #
  • Cougars, bromances and Jesus are killing my dating life. (RT @bikeskirt) #
  • At dinner at Silvertron with James. Good start to weekend. #
  • Heading to the J. Clyde with James. Boys’ night! #
  • Spock: “Live long, prosper and keep on hangin’ and bangin’.” Top 10 Lines Never Said in a Star Trek film http://is.gd/xY1d #
  • “Girl, I think about you every day now.” -Guns N’ Roses ♫ http://twt.fm/101675 #

Saturday, May 9

  • Heading to Bogue’s in Homewood for breakfast, gossip w/ Stacy. Plus, blogging. #
  • Hanging at Little Professor in Homewood w/ Stacy going over her new blog site. #
  • Shout out Saturday: Shout to @gdouban, who likes my shoes, eats pancakes w/ me, birds, and now, blogs: http://is.gd/xYjc #shoutoutsat #

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