Watch With Wade: No (more) “Scrubs.” Maybe.


“Scrubs” ends tonight. Or maybe it doesn’t. It’s had a few near-death experiences.

But tonight, J.D. (Zach Braff) leaves. Though if the show continues, he might come back.

So it’s over, or it’s not.

I’ve watched it since the pilot on NBC. And while it’s bounced around through too many timeslots, and even a network change, I’ve followed it for all 167 episodes (add two more airing tonight for the hour-long series? season? finale). When the reruns landed on Comedy Central, I watched it there too until I became bored with the reruns.

“Scrubs” has been mostly funny, sometimes frustrating, occasionally surprising. I must pay tribute to one of my favorite shows of all time.

Favorite episodes

In no particular order … (Episodes link to iTunes.)

  • “My Old Lady” (season 1): Statistics say 1 in 3 patients assigned to interns will die. But who’s going to bite it?
  • “My Occurrence” / “My Hero” (season 1): A two-parter introducing Dr. Cox’s brother Ben (Brendan Fraser).
  • “My American Girl” (season 3): If only for Elliot’s car doors taking a beating (“Frick!”) and her power makeover.
  • “My Catalyst” / “My Porcelain God” (season 3): Michael J. Fox as Dr. Kevin Casey. Powerful, funny, plus bonus points for using Counting Crows.
  • “My Screw Up” (season 3): Ben returns, plus a round of Gay Chicken.
  • “My New God” (season 5): Probably my all-time favorite episode. With Cheryl Hines as Cox’s sister. See clip below.
  • “My Way Home” (season 5): A “Wizard of Oz” homage, with a lovely rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” See clip below.
  • “My Lunch” (season 5): Cox and J.D. work to turn a death into a multiple-organ-transplant victory. Screw you, “Grey’s Anatomy.” Here’s the Fray done right. See clip below.
  • “My Musical” (season 6): Singing! Dancing! Funny stuff.

Favorite clips

Whatever I could find to share …

Video: “Guy Love” from “My Musical”

Video: “Overkill” from “My Overkill”

Video: “Gay Chicken” from “My Screw Up”

Elliot: “I can’t even look at my own bajingo.” Carla: “Is that because it looks so much like a vagina?”

Video: “In the Sun” from “My New God”

Video: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from “My Way Home”

Video: “All of the Words” from “My Bright Idea”

Video: “How to Save a Life” from “My Lunch”


What were your favorite “Scrubs” moments?


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