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Monday, June 29, 2009

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Wednesday, July 1

Thursday, July 2

  • LAST CHANCE: Over $250 in prizes from @WadeOnTweets. Enter by 10a CDT today. And read the rules … http://bit.ly/B993T #
  • Sigh. Goodbye, “Earl.” (Goodbye, Crabman.) http://bit.ly/BowKQ #
  • Newspapers need new revenue streams. How about selling $25K access, like the Washington Post? http://bit.ly/1GMiQf [ugh] #
  • FREE INDEPENDENCE DAY MUSIC: Album of patriotic tunes from Amazon: http://ping.fm/dozUc (via @nitallica) #
  • In 5 hours, I’m going to drink till @BottletreeCafe is solvent. Who’s with me?? http://twtvite.com/n598lx #
  • RT @skirtBirmingham: You heard it here first. Media General is hanging up skirt! We’re moving on, however.This skirt has a lot of wear left. #
  • Media General shuts down Skirt Birmingham, but staff vows to continue. Media of Birmingham report: http://bit.ly/uZdmm #
  • PRIZES: The Book of Lists ($49 value) from @bhambizjrnl goes to … Shelton Thompson, Bham, @sthompson0567! Congrats! #
  • PRIZES: A one-year subscription ($15 value) to Birmingham mag from @bhamboxset goes to Michael Stewart, Bham, @michaelstewart! Congrats! #
  • PRIZES: A membership ($50 value) to the Birmingham Museum of Art from artsbma.org goes to Memborly Painter, Tuscaloosa, @memborly! Congrats! #
  • PRIZES: A $100 gift certificate to the J. Clyde from @jerryatjclyde goes to … Bob Boylan, Bham, @Bob_Boylan! Congrats! #
  • PRIZES: A family four-pack ($64 value) to @McWane Science Center goes to … @3choboomer, Bham! Congrats! #
  • PRIZES: A pair of tickets ($17 value) to “Under the Sea” in IMAX from @McWane goes to … Julie Davis, Bham, @finntannermom! Congrats! #
  • PRIZES: A $25 gift card to Mellow Mushroom from @MellowBHAM goes to … Stephen Wolfe, Bham, @StephenWolfe! Congrats! #
  • Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to all of you who participated! Contest wrap-up, winners’ list: http://bit.ly/7Egxs #
  • Great turnout at @BottletreeCafe (and a lot of fun, too). Terrific start to long weekend. Now waiting for L. so we can have dinner. #

Friday, July 3

  • “Bham has become a mecca for touring music.” Teasley’s Letter fr a Bham Festival: http://bit.ly/11I3as (via @BottletreeCafe) #
  • Call 911 for help? In Shelby Co., you could txt or send pics / videos by 2010: http://bit.ly/K2VCs (via @jvreeland) #
  • “Asteroids: The Movie,” a concept so brilliant only Hollywood could ruin it (and check the comments): http://bit.ly/LJHQm #
  • At @birminghamzoo with L. to see monkeys and elephants. May steal one. #
  • Whoever had South Carolina and Alaska in the Governor Dead Poolâ„¢, please message me with the 3rd winning state. #
  • “Free for Chubbies” … The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads of All Time: Yikes! http://bit.ly/hQJq5 (RT @libbysexton @tansau) #
  • “Make sure to pave the cushion.” 10 points for naming the product I rec’d w/ these instructions: http://twitpic.com/97wpb #
  • RT @trshcoleman: @WadeOnTweets will you tweet and blog about my kickoff and campaign events? [Not until the check clears.] #

Saturday, July 4

  • RT @ARSSmith: Protect the rights of those you oppose, if you want to ensure that your own freedom will be protected. #
  • Vietnamese man comes to US on Bicentennial, dies when his Fairfield store robbed: http://bit.ly/pUqeB (reminds me of my fam) #
  • You and Me, Baby, We’re Free: A couple of playlists for Independence Day: http://bit.ly/qcB7G (RT @bhamboxset) #
  • HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Some fireworks for the Fourth: http://bit.ly/SS4t8 #
  • Set phasers on Preamble: Kirk & the US (not USS) Constitution: http://bit.ly/9tObA ^The holy words will be obeyed. I swear it. #
  • You say Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” And I say David Cross FTMFW: http://bit.ly/vt71F #
  • Grilled turkey burgers successful. Ice cream run also big success. Enjoying Sat. night online and inside. Nerd heaven. #
  • Former NFL MVP Quarterback Steve McNair Shot to Death: http://clkurl.com/?tw637542 (RT @abc3340) #
  • Nothing says America like the Muppets … Happy Fourth! http://bit.ly/1m4OB #



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