Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-07-19


Sunday, July 12, 2009

  • Surprise announcements, red band trailers and bucket lists in the @WadeOnTweets weekly twitter log: http://bit.ly/KXrYF #
  • Smith and Hawken liquidation sales, 20 to 30% off storewide. All sales final! At Summit, Bham. (via @BhamBargainMom) #
  • Brüno: You’ll either love or hate it. I loved it. Hilariously rude. Now I want to see “Borat” finally. Grade: A #
  • Bham’s Scott Jones, @southern_living Foods Editor, judges Food Network Challenge, 7 CDT tonight. (via @livehealthyblog) #
  • Boston Zoo may close, euthanize hundreds of animals because of budget cuts: http://bit.ly/KyN9s (via @jefoster) #

Monday, July 13

Tuesday, July 14

  • TWITTER’S 10 RULES: Be human. Be humane. Be yourself. Be interesting. Be brief. Share. Laugh. Listen. Learn. Repeat. (RT @ikepigott) #
  • Broadcast blues: @CBS42 owner files for bankruptcy. WB21/My68 owner next? Media of Birmingham post: http://bit.ly/52Obb #
  • EXCLUSIVE: Fox 6 @myfoxal lays off more staff, drops 5p Sat newscast. Media of Birmingham report: http://bit.ly/63nNS #
  • Bon 14 juillet! ♫ “Allons enfants de la Patrie. Le jour de gloire est arrivé!” http://bit.ly/I2Np1 #
  • Media of Birmingham tweetup! 7/21, 5:30-7, Rogue Tavern, free. Media pros & nonpros welcome: http://twtvite.com/5ujbpi #
  • Experience life as Tuscumbia, Ala., native Helen Keller: http://helenkellersimulator.com (RT @helmsb) #
  • If you’re networking to find a job, let me help you w/ social networking. Class Mon, $75: http://bit.ly/bba-inter #
  • It’s a dome deal: Bham council OKs $8 mil/yr funding, groundbreaking 7/21, Langford promises MLS team: http://bit.ly/qdo3k #
  • Plot: Girl predicts school taken by terrorist; saved by God in public schools. YOUR KID CAN BE THE STAR! http://bit.ly/toVS2 #
  • Dome deal a done deal for Bham, but is it the right project? the right time? Your comments welcome: http://bit.ly/DVMwj #
  • Spent all day writing, now Harry Potter time w/ L. at Rave Vestavia. Which magical character am I dressed as? This guy: http://is.gd/1zdl2 #

Wednesday, July 15

Thursday, July 16

  • Journey of 1000 tiles: Scrabble tourney for Literacy Council, $10, 5:30 tonight Wine Loft downtown Bham. http://bit.ly/rTXXH #
  • LAST CHANCE: Bham Blogging Academy classes on job hunting / Twitter for biz. Register by 5 today: http://bit.ly/bba-inter #
  • If you know of a 1-2BR Destin-area condo for rent this weekend or next, please message me. Thanks! #
  • At @shiftworkspace to hear @capertong on branding for Social Media Club Bham. #
  • Five ways to jump-start your job search with social networking: http://bit.ly/smMWL #
  • Everything you need to know about “Supernatural”: http://bit.ly/CeNzl (via @moryan @SuperWiki) #
  • Free Social Media Seminar brown bag by @David_Sher, 11:30a Fri, Innovation Depot, Bham. RSVP: info[at]innovationdepot.net. #
  • Charity League garage sale: Jos. A. Banks store, Brookwood Village, Fri/Sat. Preview 6-8 tonight, $5: http://bit.ly/K0THR #
  • Just re-watched “My Finale” of “Scrubs” on @Hulu as a pick-me-up. “It’s all about the people that you’ve let into your life.” -JD #
  • “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done” -Lucille Ball (RT @TWAY_Kris @mcalia) #quote #
  • Artists needed! Bham Art Collective 10/3 show: http://bit.ly/d3mpz. @filamentartists Oct show: todd[at]filamentartists.com. #
  • “I’ve done nothing but work. … It’s never once felt like it.” http://is.gd/1yLNy (via @atticusrominger @skydiver) #
  • WSJ: Many employers skip jobless, target those still working, reasoning they are top performers. Agree? http://bit.ly/1dOcx #

Friday, July 17

  • RT: 10 things you didn’t know about surgeon general nominee Regina Benjamin: http://bit.ly/10Jqst #
  • Reason to visit Bham Museum of Art (at Art on the Rocks tonight, for ex.), Asian Art Galleries reopen: http://bit.ly/11YGsh #
  • Must-read of the day: How broad cancer screening does more harm than good: http://is.gd/1C8eS (RT @seankelley) #
  • At Baker Donelson downtown learning how to get a piece of federal stimulus package. #
  • Idea for Aug: Hold weekly “office hours” at Bham-area coffee shops, restaurants. Interested sponsors should message me. #
  • RT Dome deal a done deal for Bham, but is it the right project? right time? Your comments welcome: http://bit.ly/DVMwj #
  • Good: Futurama returning on Comedy Central. Bad: With DIFFERENT ACTORS. http://bit.ly/1aaUEP (via @EWPopWatch) [grrr] #
  • Good: Amazon Kindle sells e-books. Bad: Amazon steals them. Any time. http://bit.ly/6l3cv [Just try that w/ my iPod!] #
  • Palin to Seek US Presidency From 2013 to Nov 2015 (RT @natlprobe) #
  • RIP Walter Cronkite, 92: “Celebrate journalists who use their skills … to strengthen our democracy.” http://bit.ly/8MFmR #
  • “When you want it the most, there’s no easy way out. When you’re ready to go & your heart’s left in doubt”Céline Dion ♫ http://twt.fm/213549 #

Saturday, July 18

  • Alabama’s Nick Saban on Sports Illustrated cover again (or Tenn, Miss, Fla): http://bit.ly/uZQCQ (via @aldotcom @RapSheet) #
  • “Can you fix my computer?” … 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Nerdy Guy: http://bit.ly/SiaXY #
  • At neighborhood block watch meeting. It starts with citizens. #
  • At Birmingham Dream Center opening / Woodlawn community celebration. A pretty Saturday. #
  • Everybody’s talking … Why don’t they just let him live? Bobby Brown, 8/7, Platinum: http://bit.ly/bNkrJ (via @bhamnewsent) #
  • Today is the 40th anniv. of Chappaquiddick, proving you can kill someone & still be reelected to the Senate. (RT @helmsb) #
  • At @sawsbbq with @vulcansmuse in Homewood. #
  • At @RedMtnTheatre for “Joseph and the Blu-Ray Steam Boat.” Thanks, @vulcansmuse! #
  • “The light is dimming, and the dream is too. The world and I, we are still waiting, still hesitating.” -Donny Osmond ♫ http://twt.fm/214718 #



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