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Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Tuesday, July 21

  • Take 2: @ipsaonline networking event, Thu 6p, Dreamland BBQ, beer. Msg me by 11a to win spare ticket: http://bit.ly/2shY2G #
  • All Hail the Queen of Mean: Lisa Lampanelli, 9/18, Ala Theatre: http://bit.ly/B9aSV. Roast video: http://bit.ly/Anzg #
  • Get your discount @SocialSouth tix now. 8/21-22, Bham, premier social media conf: http://bit.ly/eP6Da #soso #
  • (demoing Twitter) Without checking, can you tell me the unemployment rate in Ala? In Jefferson Co.? #
  • Just had a sweet Chilton County peach right from the source. Yummy! Thanks @anthonycrumley! #
  • BUDGET PERIL: Bham council delays budget 4 more wks: http://bit.ly/pxcST. 1000+ JeffCo staff could be on admin leave: http://bit.ly/Gb1kC #
  • It’s a triple Tuesday: meeting at @roguetavern, then Media of Bham, then @bhmentrepreneur at @shiftworkspace. At least drinking’s involved. #
  • Ready for down time w/ dinner. Great to see new & old faces at Media of Bham and @bhmentrepreneur. Love meeting my online pals in real life. #
  • Pray/hold good thoughts for our friends who’ve lost jobs, and for my friend fighting for life against cancer and chemo. #

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