Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-08-16


Sunday, Aug. 9, 2009

  • Bham’s Biggest Crooks, Media of Bham bulletins & Haiku Humpday in the @WadeOnTweets weekly twitter log: http://bit.ly/njUlV #
  • Birmingham’s Biggest Crooks, a 30-day series: http://bit.ly/bhamcrooks. DAY 9, Simon Speights: http://bit.ly/eOzWP #
  • Good meeting knocked out. Now shopping at Summit. Oh well. #
  • The solution to hot shopping trip? Milkshakes at Ben & Jerry’s. Coffee Heath Bar for me, strawberry cheesecake for the lady. #
  • Stuck at DSW. If my next update is from new Lego Store at Galleria, consider this shopping trip a success. #
  • Lego Store looks great. Must build Lego Vulcan. Now waiting on to-go order from Ginza on 280. #

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