Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-09-13


Sunday, Sept. 6, 2009

  • Twitter tip day 6: Let people know how to follow you on Twitter by sharing your username. More tips: http://bit.ly/xx5r9 #
  • Good: James & Emily came for Bama game last night. Bad: Couldn’t watch b/c of bad antenna signal. Good: I can watch now: http://bit.ly/HMHOh #
  • The end of Bham crooks, the start of Twitter tips and home improvements in the @WadeOnTweets weekly twitter log: http://bit.ly/103r2c #
  • “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” – Rumi #

Monday, Sept. 7

Tuesday, Sept. 8

  • I’m giving away 10 hours consulting time. Come by Sept office hours 2-4 Wednesdays in Bham. Sign up: http://bit.ly/FOgSL #
  • How much $$ does City of Birmingham have? @WarOnDumb breaks out his calculator: http://bit.ly/3fPS4b #
  • RT @johnpstrohm: Taylor Hicks on Tapestry: “it’s not about record sales.” For his sake, let’s hope not. #
  • My Bham Post-Herald colleague Don Kausler (@Tide_Source) is back in town, covering UA for Bham News: http://bit.ly/sEITc #
  • They’re remaking “Alien Nation” AND “Quantum Leap” TV series. What could possibly go wrong? http://bit.ly/1ZldeL #
  • “While many lamented the decline of all things, (Antwon) Womack got his hustle on.” in @BWcitypaper: http://bit.ly/13NSOe #
  • Coach Saban shills for ESPN (and another Disney property) … http://bit.ly/3HQlGP #
  • Scary stuff: Follow-up to note about new Bham News sportswriter Kausler, who survived I-20 big-rig wreck: http://bit.ly/dhCOv #
  • I *knew* it! The sexiest Venn diagram of the day: http://bit.ly/YBZ4S #
  • Touchdown: All SEC games from last weekend for your streaming pleasure (no ads, cutaways): http://secdigitalnetwork.com #
  • Twitter tip, day 8: Don’t be a Twitter beggar, since adding “Please RT!” sounds like begging. More tips: http://bit.ly/xx5r9 #
  • Scrushy teaching business class in prison: Wise use of resources, or cruel and unusual punishment? http://bit.ly/CD1nr #

Wednesday, Sept. 9

  • I have signed permission slips to let my Senator and Rep hear Pres. Obama speak to them tonight. What an honor! #
  • On Wednesdays, tweet your / updates poetically in / 5-7-5 verse. #haikuhumpday #
  • Can Bham copy / Austin’s success? At Vulcan / Park to find out how. #haikuhumpday #
  • New Tweetdeck, iTunes / fills day with digital treats / for my nerdy fun. #haikuhumpday #
  • Twitter tip 9: You say you want a revolution? Well, you know, use Twitter to change the world. More: http://bit.ly/xx5r9 #
  • Jammed to some Beatles / classics on Rock Band. I am / the Xbox walrus. #haikuhumpday #

Thursday, Sept. 10

Friday, Sept. 11

Saturday, Sept. 12

  • New parents and parents to be, this one’s for you: http://twitpic.com/hgbyz #
  • Watch closely: Jeff Probst tells secret way to bypass Tribal Council in “Survivor: Samoa” vid: http://bit.ly/2hf8BH #
  • Twitter tip day 12: Put the social in social networking. Call a tweetup using Twtvite.com. More tips: http://bit.ly/xx5r9 #
  • Good: Women’s Fund of Bham charity event. Bad: It’s the Leno premiere party. 6:30p Mon, Stardome, $6.50: http://bit.ly/Vkha5 #
  • Shout out Saturday: Shout out to Artwalk and Joy Myers for a great weekend. One of Bham’s shining events. #shoutoutsat #



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