Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-09-27


Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009

  • Sidewalk reviews, sickness slowdown and community works in the @WadeOnTweets weekly twitter log: http://bit.ly/XZ3vf #
  • And now, many spoiler-filled updates about the Emmys. Enjoy! #emmy #
  • Aw, Kristin Chenoweth, I could put you in my pocket. Literally. #emmy #
  • Either subtitle Hodgman’s commentary or boost the audio or drop it. Annoying. #emmy #
  • RT @sepinwall: Jeffrey Blitz directed hysterical post-Super Bowl ep of The Office. Worth win just for his choreography of “Save Bandit!” #
  • From the comedy to reality portion, or as I call it, scripted comedy to unscripted comedy. Yawn. #emmy #
  • Probst gives props to host NPH, and an upbeat speech to boot (no thanking of agents and other minions). A+ #emmy #
  • And now the movies/miniseries portion, or the TV I never see because I’m too cheap to buy HBO. #emmy #
  • Close to halftime (and the dead people reel). Thumbs up: NPH’s obscure references for intros. Thumbs down: Hodgman’s voiceovers. #emmy #
  • Sweet! Dr. Horrible!!!!1 #emmy #
  • Next up: variety. Dang, Britney Spears’ songs used for two highlight reels. #emmy #
  • Conan (Late Night) wins the best writers’ reel gag w/ ignoring FB friend requests (if not the actual Emmy). #emmy #
  • RT @sepinwall: Fallon bit (falling down + vocoder) was funny. #emmy #
  • The best part of the Emmys? Dr. Horrible takes over: http://bit.ly/utArN. I just saved you 3+ hours. You’re welcome. #emmy #
  • Drama’s up. 99 percent of which are spinoffs of police procedurals. #emmy #
  • I love Sarah McLachlan, but having her sing “I Will Remember You” during in memoriam reel? Double cliché. #emmy #
  • ER director advice: “If you’re having trouble w/ someone on set, learn to tell them how to go to hell in a way they’ll want to go.” #emmy #
  • Cranston, Close, Colette, Baldwin. Best acting winners. Only 1 on a network show. Cable Ace Awards or #emmys? #
  • 30 Rock and Mad Men win consecutive Emmys. No drama in the winners there, folks. #emmy #
  • Of dice and men: @insomniactive‘s Sidewalk review of “The Dungeon Masters”: http://bit.ly/UBNrl #sidewalk09 #

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