Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-10-25


Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009

  • Great #bwe09 party at @lasvegashilton. Heading to Studio 54 at @mgmgrand for http://grandtweetup.com, because, you know, free vodka. #
  • Karaoke + Indigo Girls + former home of Star Trek: The Experience (now, gag, Spacequest Casino) = epic nightmare. Ran. Away. Fast. #bwe09 #
  • Going to kick it around Las Vegas, starting with Ethipoian lunch at http://meskeremlasvegas.com. #
  • Greencup Books is closing its doors after Day of the Dead festival. Super sad. (via @bhamdotfm) #
  • I can’t open my jar of rainbows! At Zumanity, courtesy of @cirquelasvegas @jessberlin and #bwe09. #
  • Heading up to Fremont Street. Am I experienced? Soon … #

Monday, Oct. 19

  • Done for tonight, but still trying to figure out my Vegas agenda for tomorrow. Hmm … #
  • Thanks to @lasvegashilton for a later checkout time. Didn’t occur to me to ask until I saw it in hotel services book. #
  • Heading to airport to work and wait. Looking forward to sweet home Bham. #
  • Add real-time Larry Langford trial coverage to your site/blog w/ these 2 widgets: http://bit.ly/3Qv82x #langford #
  • Flight to Vegas was 20 min late departing. Flight home to Bham? 90 min late. Oh @SouthwestAir, this ain’t like you. #

Tuesday, Oct. 20

Wednesday, Oct. 21

Thursday, Oct. 22

Friday, Oct. 23

  • In Tuscaloosa at the Langford trial. Updates throughout the day. Follow along: http://bit.ly/hzl0H# #langford #
  • Bill Blount resuming testimony. #langford #
  • Second sidebar. Blount says He bought coat for Langford after he gave homeless man coat and $ during cross ex. #langford #
  • Def atty Rasmussen reviews plea agreement Blount made. Most counts dismissed, forfeiture reduced from $7m to $1m. #langford #
  • While reviewing assets, Blount jokingly offers his beach condo for sale. #langford #
  • Redirect by George Martin. Blount says plea agreement duty is “to tell the truth.” #langford #
  • Blount says Langford had great influence on which banks included in Jeffco Comm deals. Next up: Al LaPierre. #langford #
  • RT @JohnArchibald: This is a big moment. AL is the govt witness who had the most direct contact with LL.
    #langford #
  • LaPierre says LL asked for help with past due $50K loan. LaPierre took out loan to pay it off which Blount covered. #langford #
  • LaPierre: LL also needed help w/ $69k in bills in 2003. LaPierre took $69k check from Blount to pay LL. #langford #
  • Repeat in 2004. $30k passed from Blount through LaPierre to Langford. #langford #
  • Meanwhile Blount paid $201k to LaPierre to monitor Jeffco Comm for banker meetings in 2003 and 04. #langford #
  • LaPierre: Blount provided promissory notes for AL, LL, BB to sign. Money not paid back, not expected. All after SEC invest. began. #langford #
  • Langford sent $5k check via asst to LaPierre. In 2008. #langford #
  • Lunch. #langford #
  • RT @thechiefs: wade kwon is in the house. im sure he’ll go to lunch w/ Archie, Kyle & Molly to argue ovr who hates LL more. [I’m so loved.] #
  • Back from lunch recess. And straight into a sidebar. Al LaPierre to resume testimony. #langford #
  • LaPierre sent amendment to state ethics comm detailing loans of $125k to Langford after the fact. Now cross exam. #langford #
  • LaPierre never told Langford source of loaned funds, because Bliunt said to keep it hidden. #langford #
  • LaPierre: I had no express agreement with Langford for money for votes on Jeffco Comm. #langford #
  • Redirect. LaPierre: Langford asked for cash from LaPierre. Both plus Blount decided to call them “loans.” #langford #
  • RT @JohnArchibald: Govt is bringing parts of SEC testimony in. Debate over if defense can expand some or have some kept out. #langford #
  • Redirect. LaPierre: (on why he didn’t tell LL source of $) I figured he already knew. #langford #
  • LaPierre done. Judge Coogler recesses until Monday 9 am. #langford #
  • Win a spot in @WadeOnTweets‘ 11/3 class Writing Killer Blog Posts ($149). RT and follow him to enter! http://bit.ly/hhMlO #
  • RT @rebecca_morrow: Congrats to @WadeOnTweets for Runner up to Best Local Website! Go Wade!! //Very flattered! Thanks!! #
  • Updated: Full Day 5 Larry Langford trial coverage. Al LaPierre follows the money: http://bit.ly/hzl0H #langford #

Saturday, Oct. 24

  • Shout out Saturday: Shout out to my L., who I love more than she could possibly know. Six months together today. #shoutoutsat #
  • Terrence Cody is my hero! #rolltide #



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