Compliments of the house


That night you told me I was beautiful ...

Giving a compliment is an art. We should all strive to do so more often, as sincerely as possible.

But receiving a compliment? Well, that’s a challenge for me.

For whatever reason, I tend to receive compliments. About my hair, my couture, my cooking, my ideas, whatever. And almost always, I am genuinely caught off-guard.

(The cynic in me expects the worst. In my deranged mind, I think you’re going to respond in a neutral or a negative fashion.)

I can usually cough up a thank you. I almost always deflect or brush it off. Example:

Someone: “I like your suit.”

Me: (mumbling) “Oh, thanks.” (pause) “I needed something to wear.”

It is that awkward.

I don’t doubt the person’s sincerity. Perhaps, I doubt my own value. I often say, “I’m just this guy.” I value humility, almost to a fault.

An ideal response would be, in a clear and confident voice, “Thank you. I appreciate you noticing. That’s very kind.”

I guess I need to practice saying it. In front of a mirror. Into a hairbrush. While eating raw cookie dough.

Do any of you have challenges receiving compliments?

Photo by whatmegsaid / CC BY 2.0


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