Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-10-04


Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009

  • At #sidewalk09 after party at Old Car Heaven. Apparently it’s ’80s night. Egad. #
  • One last drink with the Interplanetary crew and then off to bed. Blast off in 14 hours. #
  • At @shiftworkspace for a little WordCamp day 2. Beautiful day in downtown Bham! #wcbhm09 #
  • At “Made in China” at Bham Museum of Art. Starting late because of projector problem. Fingers crossed. #sidewalk09 #
  • Saw @plymptoons‘ great “Idiots & Angels.” But now time for highlight, @crewless‘ “Interplanetary”! Carver in 25! #sidewalk09 #
  • “Interplanetary” a hit! Next, no trip to Sidewalk complete without a snack at Lyric Hot Dogs. #sidewalk09 #
  • At Branch Life Church for encore screening of “Shooting Beauty.” Me and 3 others. #sidewalk09 #
  • WordCampers, please tip organizer @acnatta (@photomatt: WordPress built on community love): http://bit.ly/ZJxLY #wcbhm09 #
  • Winners, #sidewalk09: Narr: House of Devil; Doc: Best Worst Movie; Ala Short: Hallelujah! Gorilla Rev. http://bit.ly/2zKEuA #
  • Twitter tip day 27: Asking for info is easier with a special poll like Twtpoll. More tips: http://bit.ly/xx5r9 #

Monday, Sept. 28

Tuesday, Sept. 29

  • Teaching Beginning Blogging for Business right now at @shiftworkspace. Always fun to be back in class! #
  • Class went well, now ready to take rest of September off. If only … #

Wednesday, Sept. 30

Thursday, Oct. 1

Friday, Oct. 2

Saturday, Oct. 3

  • Weekend jam-packed with activities. First stop: Bluff Park Art Show with L. Happy fall! #
  • OH at Bluff Park Art Show: (to photographer showing pics from around the world) “Have you been to all these places?” #
  • Watching Tide play Kentucky. Ah, lazy fall bliss. #
  • Shout out Saturday: Shout out to @andreafwalker, a great event planner and one-woman dynamo. My thanks to her. #shoutoutsat #
  • Off to @bhamcollective show, then to Rach hard with @alasymphony. See that blur? That’s me and L. #
  • Shout out Saturday: Shout out to whoever didn’t show for @alasymphony and the nice @ascbham ticket person who gave them to us. #shoutoutsat #



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