Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-10-11


Sunday, Oct. 4, 2009

Monday, Oct. 5

Tuesday, Oct. 6

Wednesday, Oct. 7

  • Coffee and office hours, 2-4 today at Crestwood Coffee, still a couple of slots left, so RSVP, say hi: http://bit.ly/GeK3g #
  • At Miles College in Mass Media in the Digital World panel. #
  • LAST CHANCE: Moms in Bham, talk social media Thu w/ leading experts. Only $20 w/ code FRIENDOFWADE: http://bit.ly/3dsC72 #
  • Everyone is basically ignorant. Some people are unnecessarily ignorant. (RT Roger Ebert @ebertchicago) #
  • Support the effort: / Voices Against Violence. / Let’s stop the abuse. http://bit.ly/oTlRK #haikuhumpday #wfundbham #
  • Someone is going to @blogworld for a buck. Or two. Still time to bid on a weekend pass ($495): http://bit.ly/bwpass #
  • “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” –Gertrude Stein #
  • Portico, Thicket, / Pavo, Bham Mag. Do we / need another mag? http://bit.ly/5pwcS #haikuhumpday #

Thursday, Oct. 8

Friday, Oct. 9

Saturday, Oct. 10

  • Taking a CPR class this morning. But cheering on the Race for the Cure participants in downtown Bham. #
  • Got my kibbee from food festival (http://bit.ly/1DkAW) and watching rest of Bama game. Six-hour training was draining. #
  • Eat up: Oktoberfest at German Club today: http://bit.ly/2FPC3e. Break n Bread Sun. at @PepperPlace: http://bit.ly/AEdW3 #
  • Shout out Saturday: Shout out to firefighters, like Tony, who taught today’s CPR / AED / First Aid class. #shoutoutsat #
  • If for some reason you’re not near a TV, you can still watch Florida-LSU stream live online: http://bit.ly/11It6N #
  • At my third bachelor party in 4 months. And once again, the chatter has devolved into recipes and movie trivia. #



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