Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-11-01


Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009

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Friday, Oct. 30

  • LAST CHANCE: Make your readers cry with joy at your writing. Sign up for class by 5p today: http://bit.ly/hhMlO #
  • Mobile’s Regina Benjamin confirmed as Surgeon General. 10 things you didn’t know about her: http://bit.ly/10Jqst #
  • [Sad, so many friends of mine need this.] Bouncing back from a layoff: More advice for job seekers: http://bit.ly/mJitu #
  • Wow. It’s one thing to go out Halloween as an iPhone, quite another as a WORKING iPhone: http://bit.ly/3JiSUi (via @Pogue) #
  • LAYOFF ALERT: ‘Biggest mass firing’ in 2009 coming to Birmingham’s Southern Progress, Time Inc.: http://bit.ly/2CpuzO #
  • Who’s going to the Magic City Classic tomorrow? And who’s gonna win, Hornets or Bulldogs? http://bit.ly/3zwhEO #
  • Historic: Carole Smitherman becomes Birmingham’s first female mayor in 138-year history: http://bit.ly/2UDEnn #
  • Life under David Letterman, so to speak: http://bit.ly/hqtP3 / http://bit.ly/3JRoAg #
  • “It’s a breeze everlasting like time making so sure that I can return.” The Frames ♫ http://bit.ly/4vJc3Q [from House tonight] #

Saturday, Oct. 31

  • Happy Halloween, pumpkins! #
  • If you’re going the slutty route w/ your costume tonight, I’ll see you later on Facebook. #
  • Who’s mayor of Birmingham, Ala.? City Web site still says … Langford, convicted 3 days ago. http://bit.ly/3X6C8W #
  • Time for annual Halloween prank: At checkout w/ bag of apples, box of razor blades, ask cashier to hurry b/c guests coming. #
  • Shout out Saturday: Shout out to @jenbarnett, a dear friend, a smart lady, a fun and funny colleague. #shoutoutsat #



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