Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-11-15


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009

Monday, Nov. 9

Tuesday, Nov. 10

  • Changing server settings Friday has led to 4 days of email outage on 2 accounts, unbeknownst to me. Fixing right now. #
  • RT: SUPERNANNY visits Hayden, Ala.: Can she help spanking mom Amy Phelps control her 3 boys? http://bit.ly/supernanny #
  • If you’re struggling with your blogging, don’t. Let me help. Blogging for Business class on 11/18: http://bit.ly/bba-biz #
  • Who’s more popular on Facebook, a $4 mil coach, or his star defensive tackle? The surprising answer: http://bit.ly/4GmnVu #
  • Making health care better: intuition vs. empirical evidence. Worth a read: http://bit.ly/7iemS #
  • Bham interim mayor Carole Smitherman announces intent to run: http://bit.ly/2vpymK #alpolitics #
  • After hearing Cartman & “Marlee Matlin” versions, finally heard Lady Gaga sing “Poker Face.” Enh, I prefer Cartman’s take. #
  • Recommended reads, Bham layoffs, Twitter lists. The @WadeOnTweets weekly Twitter log: http://bit.ly/4tMPFb #
  • Tonight’s dinner courtesy of a chili recipe from @BottletreeCafe and @myfoxal, plus ground turkey: http://bit.ly/3Anfcl #
  • Poor Don Music … 9 Muppets Kicked Off Sesame Street: http://bit.ly/2Re5Ny #
  • “And where is the harmony? Sweet harmony.” Steve Earle ♫ http://bit.ly/1H5tOE #

Wednesday, Nov. 11

Thursday, Nov. 12

Friday, Nov. 13

  • “Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.” – Hanlon’s Razor (via Papa Ferriss and @tferriss) #
  • Council member Steven Hoyt makes it a dozen running for Bham mayor: http://bit.ly/2IfPSb #alpolitics #
  • Heading out to have lunch with cool bloggers w/ @AlabamaBloggers. Been looking forward to it all week. #AlaBlogMeet #
  • LAST CHANCE: Beginning blog class for biz, register by 5p. Use blogging to connect, not just promote: http://bit.ly/3nOipI #
  • SIGN UP NOW for Tue. Media of Bham Web video workshop. Last chance. (Bad example included for free!) http://bit.ly/11lM9o #
  • TGIT. Thank God it’s today. #
  • Today’s must-read: David Pelfrey of @BWcitypaper comes not to praise Larry Langford, but to bury him: http://bit.ly/3kBZ1G #
  • Congrats to Ike @ikepigott, ranked 18th among top 100 PR twitterers: http://bit.ly/4f6nSt (h/t @griner) #
  • “I’m under your spell like a man in a trance, but I know darn well that I don’t stand a chance.” -Ray Charles ♫ http://twt.fm/332040 #

Saturday, Nov. 14



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