Needs more oomph


I have been writing more lately. A lot more. Several times a week on this site, and daily or more on Wade on Birmingham, Birmingham Blogging Academy and Media of Birmingham.

lorem ipsum cuffWhile I’m pleased with the level of output, it needs more zing.

I preach writing with passion. With flair. But I need to make sure my writing pops with my distinct voice.

The day before, I had asked for help with my e-newsletter for the academy, when my friend David sent me a copy of the Gamestop newsletter. He interviewed Gary Offutt, the newsletter’s author, about how he writes for maximum impact.

The weekly e-mail has some gems, like this blurb for the game “Jonas”:

Live the Rock Star Life with Nick and the Other Two
All of the Jonas Brothers are so talented (Nick) and dreamy (Nick,) that it would be hard to pick a favorite (Nick.) Inspired by the hit TV series, JONAS allows you to help Nick and those other two guys balance everyday life and the world of pop stardom. It’s Nick-a-rific!
Now Nick-vailable for DS: Order now!

And then I remembered something: Hey, I’m funny. I can be snarky or dark or witty or sly.

I just need to do it more.

I have dozens of opportunities a day to showcase my voice. The tweets I write are for maximum impact. Why not the blog posts and e-mails and newsletters and anything else that comes via pen or keyboard?

I don’t need to always be “on.” But I want my writing to sing. I can be timely and informative and thought provoking. But I can also be me: warm, funny, charming and memorable.

Hold me to it, dear reader. Hold me to it.


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