Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-11-22


Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009

Monday, Nov. 16

Tuesday, Nov. 17

Wednesday, Nov. 18

  • Heading out to breakfast in Hoover with CJ @CJsWine, Daniel @socialmediabham and Tammy @tammyhart. I’m 70% certain we’ll have wine. #
  • RT FREE: Birmingham Economic Summit kicks off tonight, plus dozens of seminars Thu-Fri: http://bit.ly/4hMb9g [Who’s going?] #
  • FREE CAKE: 11a-2p Thu at Bham Public Library locations for Patron Appreciation Day: http://bit.ly/mwa9J #
  • Nice! E-reader feature in @NYTimes features Trav @tsutrav of Bham in story, photo: http://bit.ly/5iD4v #
  • Bham has 12% drop in crime, 25% drop in homicide. Will city drop from Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities? http://bit.ly/41KDoz #
  • New “Glee” tonight! How the show has won fans, sold millions of songs w/ free content: http://bit.ly/glee-social-media #
  • Courthouse closed! If you / were gonna run for mayor / of Birmingham, tough. #haikuhumpday #
  • Suppertime with Mr. James Brown. Heading out to try Taipei 101 in Green Springs. #

Thursday, Nov. 19

  • Those wanting to add video to their site/blog: starting tips on Media of Birmingham: http://bit.ly/YXBii #
  • Two candidates enter; 14 running for Bham mayor. Plus, analysis of the race so far: http://bit.ly/3uDafP #alpolitics #
  • You can find a great job, even in this lousy economy. Use social networking to stand out: http://bit.ly/bba-inter #
  • Reminder: FREE CAKE, NOW till 2p at Bham Public Library locations for Patron Appreciation Day: http://bit.ly/mwa9J #
  • Book review: Hope lives for lousy salespeople (like me) and good salespeople looking to do better: http://bit.ly/hrDTs #
  • Go from PRETTY to KITTY! 25% more cats than leading refineries. Get info right meow. http://catsforgold.com #
  • Need your help w/ e-mail marketing. Zero clicks on my last newsletter. How do I make it more useful? http://bit.ly/xNDby #
  • Meet the Bham mayoral candidates for a drink and chat, Hotel Highland, now till 7p: http://bit.ly/1fjFit [Who’s going?] #
  • RT @JusticeMitchell: I just got an AIM that Santa’s DB has been hacked & rebuild will take hours. DO SOMETHING NAUGHTY NOW! #
  • Explosions in the Sky “First Breath After Coma” ♫ http://twt.fm/338347 #

Friday, Nov. 20

Saturday, Nov. 21

  • (RT) PLANT A TREE. Free seedlings from @HandsOnBham, 3600 8th Ave. S., 9-noon TODAY: http://bit.ly/3Aklxm #
  • Who’s lining up tomorrow to get a wristband to line up Mon. for Sarah Palin book signing in Bham? http://bit.ly/7HucgZ #
  • TGIT. Thank God it’s today. #
  • POLL: What do you think of Twitter’s new official Retweet feature? Vote now! http://twtpoll.com/x5yi9v #
  • Shout out Saturday: Shout out to volunteers. Without you, the world is a cruel, cold place. #shoutoutsat #
  • WordPress experts: I’m having a problem with P2 theme on a new site. Ideas welcome. http://bit.ly/7KBIEU #



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