War on Thanksgiving


My friends, it’s time to sound the alarm. The alarm of freedom being ripped asunder.

It’s war, people, but not just any war. A War on Thanksgiving.

The first shots were fired before the Halloween hangovers had barely begun their dry heaves. The first of November, the Christmas decorations lined the retail aisles, and holiday tunes blasted from the airwaves.

But what of Thanksgiving? Gentle Thanksgiving, a time of sweaters and sweet potatoes, of family visits and belt loosening. Of Macy’s parades and endless eating. Oh, the eating.

Instead, our beloved national gathering of pilgrims and Indians is being shoved aside for a birthday party. Granted, it’s Jesus’ birthday, but even He would not want such a clamorous fuss.

The warning signs have popped up quickly …

  • One local easy listening station created false havoc by asking fans whether to continue playing nonstop Christmas music. Several callers demanded it. I say, get a freaking iPod or CD player and some earbuds, and stop torturing your cubicle neighbors!
  • Already, TV commercials entice early, early shoppers with decorations and lights.
  • And yes, walk into any Walmart and see that Santa has already infested the store with sales and unneeded housewares.

We are taking back Thanksgiving from the Christmas zealots, the Hanukkah holdouts, the Kwanzaa krazies. We will not let this noble tradition take a back seat to red and green and fake snow and fake cheer.

Grab some blankets and soak them in the Truth. Infect your communities, and spread the word, my friends.

In the War on Thanksgiving, we true turkeys must flock together.

Thanksgiving postcard


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