Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2009-12-27


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Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009

Monday, Dec. 21

  • AM adventure: Roofer checking my house nearly injures himself, knocks me down w/ ladder, breaks window. No worries: only 34º tonight. #
  • AVATAR 3D review: “Dances With Wolves” 2.0. Visually impressive, but white paternalism makes for tired story: Grade: B- #
  • Go find something stupid to do. Why Smart People Should Do Stupid Stuff: http://bit.ly/5g2e9u (via @tferriss) #
  • Dandy Warhols “Little Drummer Boy” ♫ http://bit.ly/67yueW #xmasmusic #musicmonday #
  • Great video on real meaning of Christmas. USA spends $400 billion/yr on it. What if? http://bit.ly/5uf1qn (RT @marccorsini) #
  • 1 pint lighter. Happy Winter Solstice, transfusion patients and/or vampires! #
  • The 3 Christmas TV plotlines: too much work, lack of gifts, lack of holiday spirit. http://bit.ly/6i2lDI #

Tuesday, Dec. 22

Wednesday, Dec. 23

Thursday, Dec. 24

Friday, Dec. 25

Saturday, Dec. 26

  • Tonight, Bham jazzman Eric Essix celebrates his 50th birthday with a WorkPlay concert: http://bit.ly/5wWUxK #
  • “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace”: 133 min. Epic “Phantom Menace” video review: 70 min. http://bit.ly/7B3qcl #
  • Shout out Saturday: Shout out to all of my online followers and fans. You’ve made 2009 epic! #shoutoutsat #
  • I finished my Christmas / birthday shopping today for 2009. Enjoy your belated gift cards, lucky recipients! #
  • God help me, I’m buying an electric leaf blower/vac. Next thing you know, I’ll turn in my loom and butter churn. #



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