You’ve got tweets, part 1


[INT: Thomas’ unkempt living room, nighttime.]

Thomas: (voiceover) There’s something magical about tweeting, sending bits of our lives into the universe, a million messages in a million bottles on the ocean.

[Thomas wanders into living room, looking for his iPhone.]

Thomas: (voiceover) Each note, a little 140-character greeting, looking to be pored over by millions. Or no one. Or a special someone.

[INT: Margaret’s 23rd-floor office, nighttime.]

[Margaret sits at her desk sipping tea, typing, smiling. The only light in her darkened office comes from the desk lamp and the glow of the flat-screen monitor.]

Margaret: (narrates her typing aloud) @NY152 You say you love romantic comedies, yet I can guess what’s in your DVD player.

[Location changes between Margaret’s office and Thomas’ living room during their exchange, with an occasional split screen to show the other’s reaction.]

[Thomas, having found his phone, sits in a comfy chair with feet in slippers atop leather ottoman.]

Thomas: (narrates his typing on iPhone aloud) @WryMeg I should say Wuthering Heights, but indeed, it’s Die Hard.

Margaret: @NY152 I knew it! Not that Bruce Willis isn’t chivalrous shooting all those terrorists … 🙂

Thomas: @WryMeg Of course, it falls to the gentleman to save the hostages, retrieve the bombs, kill the bad guys and kiss the girl.

Margaret: @NY152 All while shirtless.

Thomas: @WryMeg All while shirtless.

Margaret: @NY152 Are you working late?

Thomas: @WryMeg No, I managed to pry myself away from work. I’m sitting at home relaxing, checking Twitter. Are you at the office *still*?

Margaret: @NY152 SIGH. Yes, I’m at the office. Still. I should really go soon. Those financials aren’t going to write themselves.

Thomas: @WryMeg I’m terrible at numbers. According to my checkbook, I have a balance of pi times negative 0.

Margaret: @NY152 Just say the word. I could hack in and make you a millionaire.

Thomas: @WryMeg Really? You’d do that for me?

Margaret: @NY152 Oh Tom, you’re quite charming when you’re gullible. 😉

Thomas: @WryMeg Please call me Thomas. Only delivery guys and valets call me Tom. #nonicknamesneeded

Margaret: @NY152 Thomas it is, then. Meg or Margaret here. Never Peg. Not unless you want to die painfully by the power of my thoughts.

Thomas: @WryMeg I think maybe … M.

(Margaret smiles, glancing at her mug of tea with an “M” monogram.)

[Music, as shot pulls back on both, as they continue tweeting into the night.]

• • •

[INT: Large auditorium, dim lighting, speaker giving presentation in front of screen at front. Some attendees paying attention. Thomas has a legal pad and his phone on his lap.]

[He spots his friend Janiece walking in late and points to his watch. She sits a few rows back where more seats are open. His phone buzzes and lights up with a new text message from Janiece.]

Speaker: You’ll see that our latest market research shows that …

[Thomas looks at his phone.]

Janiece: (voiceover narrating her text message) Oops. What did I miss?

Thomas: (voiceover narrating his text message) About a million slides on on overseas customers. Where were you?

[They continue texting each other, providing narration of their texts.]

Janiece: Stuck on the phone with a grumpy branch manager. You’d think I personally infected his staff with chicken pox.

Thomas: I can barely stay awake.

Janiece: Is the speaker that boring or the coffee that bad?

Thomas: No, I was up late with her.

Janiece: Oooh, do tell. And when do I get to see what she looks like.

Thomas: (sends photo of @WryMeg) She’s quite the looker, no?

Janiece: If by looker you mean lonely fat bald guy in his 50s impersonating this hottie.

Thomas: Fingers crossed.

Janiece: So when are you going to meet this M.?

Thomas: Patience, patience. First there’s the awkward flirting through tweets. Then the sweaty phone call.

Janiece: And then.

Thomas: In a few years, coffee, or in her case, tea.

Janiece: Slow down there, mister. You don’t want to rush into this. LOL.

Speaker: Tom? (louder) Tom!

[The whole audience is looking at Thomas.]

Thomas: (looks up from his phone) I’m sorry, it was a message from my office.

Speaker: (annoyed) Yes, I’m sure it was very important. Do we have time to go over the R&D for the next 5 years?

Thomas: (glances at watch) We’ve got about 40 minutes.

Speaker: OK, so as you can see on this graph …

[Thomas looks sheepishly at Janiece, who’s grinning.]

Janiece: (voiceover narrating her text message) Bus-ted.

[Thomas laughs quietly to himself.]

• • •

[EXT: A downtown park at lunchtime on a pretty spring day. Many people are sitting, walking about, enjoying their time outside. Margaret walks with an older man along a path.]

More to follow …


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