May days, the second week


An update on May days, my monthlong series of projects …

Halfway through the month, and the projects have piled up. I made some progress on business tasks, but fell behind on the big ones.

Shuffling through the cards, I have 20-plus cards for 15 days remaining. Which simply means I drop the last few or extend into June.

Much of my project work has been in stages. I’ll do half a project here, a third of project there. I get bored, I move on to the next task. Maybe my biggest enemy is lack of focus (which I’ll write about soon).

Along the way, I’ve had some ideas pop up as to being more consistent in my blogging. I may pile it all on in one Sunday afternoon session every week to get some editorial planning done in advance.

This week will include major office cleanup and a business book (reading it again, actually). Plus a couple of meetings I can’t skip.

Part of it is simply psyching myself up to work, to be productive, to brush away the negative cobwebs clogging my brain. I do what I can, but I need to be tougher.


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